How to use a shipping container at your place

How to use a shipping container at your place

One issue that many people experience is that they do not have nearly enough storage for their belongings.  This is not just in reference to personal items in the home.  What it is more directed at are seasonal items and other things that you would normally store in a storage shed.  Most property zoning laws do not allow for more than two buildings on a single lot.  There is a way around this, however, and that is to place temporary buildings.  Since these buildings are not considered “permanent” they are not counted towards the number of buildings placed on your lot.

A shipping container is not a permanent building because it does not have a foundation.  These containers can be placed in your yard where they are convenient for use by the homeowner.  The interior of a shipping container is quite roomy if you know exactly how to make the best use of it.  You can add shelving or partition the container so that the inside has more storage space inside.  Depending upon the configuration of the container, it may have a rear entry or there may be extra doors in the side.

The best way to access a shipping container is with a small and gradual ramp into the container.  This will allow you to be able to wheel heavier items into the container.  It can also help if you have items such as a lawnmower or anything with wheels that you want to put inside of the container.  The container doors swing out so the ramp should sit below the doors so that they are not prevented from closing or opening.

You may think that a shipping container will look out of place in your yard, but you can paint it or add siding or another exterior treatment to help it to blend in better.  Another really great thing about shipping containers is that you can rent them or purchase them, whichever suits you best.  Since these containers are in such high demand, if you purchased the container and decide you no longer need it, you can sell it quite easily.  You can use it for as long as you need it and then have it gone in a day if that is what you want.

Shipping containers can also be used as accommodation.  If you need a small guest house, it is easy to convert a container into a liveable space.  The entire unit is placed exactly where you want it, and you can have doors and windows pre-cut into the container.  All that is left is to do some plumbing and wiring along with interior walls and you have a perfect home away from home.  These are also suitable for vacation properties because they are highly affordable when you need to place a building on the lot but are low on funds.  Shipping containers can be moved easily enough because they are not too heavy and do not need to be attached to a foundation unless you want them placed permanently.

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