How to use an iPad

How to use an iPad

There was a time when Laptops were considered cutting edge because of their mobility. Their ability to run without a connection to mains power because of a powerful battery that could run a laptop for a few hours. Now it seems laptops are giving way to iPads and mobile devices. These devices have allowed us to connect to anyone with such ease that they are the starting to take over the once dominant laptop.

iPads are light & extremely portable, yet large enough to easily send emails, watch movies and do almost anything a laptop can do.

However they operate differently to most laptops. For a start, they are touch screen, meaning you don’t have the neeed for an external keyboard. The keyboard actually appears on the iPad screen itself.

The benefits are that you don’t require any other external devices to operate an iPad, Everything you need to operate an iPad is within the device itself which makes it so popular.

For a lot of people there is somewhat of a learning curve into operating an iPad. It is touch screen which means you control the device using your finger(s). Most operations use a swipe of the finger or a single touch.

The iPad is full of so many features that there are too many to list here or talk about.

If you want to learn how to use your new iPad or get the most out of it then maybe take a look at these video training manuals below

Learn how to use your new iPad


Authored by: Diesel Cronk

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