How to recycle plastic and why you should start now

From everyday use, we gather a lot of plastic bottles, cups and other plastic materials which when thrown in the garbage last many years before decomposing poisoning the environment. These can instead be recycled and used for making packing materials and other useful items. You can reduce environmental pollution and the usage of natural resources a lot by just being responsible enough to recycle the plastic items you have used and don’t need anymore. Here you will learn how to recycle plastic and why you should start now.

From plastic, a lot of bottles are produced, children’s toys, trash bags, beverage cups, trash containers and other things for everyday and one-off usage. Plastic is also used for some pieces of furniture, appliances, and car and computer parts. Recycling plastic reduces consumption of energy and natural resources, mainly water, petroleum among others. When recycled, plastic items are kept away from landfills directly creating a new item out of an old plastic one. It is estimated that from one ton of recycled plastic, 7.4 cubic yards of landfill area are saved. When you recycle plastic, you reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. Instead of thinking of ways of clearing wastes from our planet, we can recycle them and solve the problem beforehand.

Recycling plastic is easy. You just need to gather your plastic bags, packages and items in one place and take them to the closest plastic waste container. From there they will be sent to a recycling centre. The chemicals in the plastic easily pollute the environment, especially water supplies, the land and air. They emit dangerous gases that seriously affect our health — the most affected being the young and elderly. Nature, animals as well as people, are badly influenced by the increasing number of plastic trash thrown away every year. If we become more responsible, we can reduce pollution in the air, water and land. Cleaning them isn’t as easy as protecting them from the pollution some products like plastic cause.

Plastic items dumped into the oceans remain there for a very long time and pollute the water. This greatly affects the lives of both aquatic plants and animals. Toxic chemicals like BPA are released into the air we breathe from plastic. It takes around 1,000 years for a plastic item to degrade completely. While degrading, it causes a lot of damage to the environment – water, air and land as well as to all plants, animals and humans.

Plastic recycling

Recycled plastic items can be used for making toys, jewellery, plastic lumber, mouldings, decorating items and many more items.

Pollution resulting from plastic waste can be reduced if we take responsibility for our actions. In most countries, there are separate containers for plastic items, where all the plastic products are gathered and later transported to the recycling centres. Every household can gather its waste separately and throw the difficult to degrade items such as plastic and metal in the designated places. This will reduce pollution in the air, water and land. Every plastic item, when gathered separately, can be used to create other products for the home, decoration items, bottles, trash bags and other useful things. Instead of using plastic bags, you can buy cloth bags which are reusable to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Once you get used to gathering your plastics and other waste items separately, it will eventually become a habit which will help the environment a great deal. Everyday wastes such as plastic stay for too long before degrading, that’s why they should be recycled and reused. Ridding our planet of all sources of pollution isn’t completely possible, but reducing the number of waste certainly is.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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