Minecraft – List Of Latest Updates

Minecraft – List Of Latest Updates

If you are a Minecraft fan, then you have been awaiting the release of the games update with zeal. It has been long overdue as this update took almost a year to roll out — one of the longest periods in the history of the game. No need to fuss though, it’s finally here and the guys at Mojang have added a boat load of features to make the game more captivating. Version 1.8 (christened the Bountiful Update) was finally released to millions of eager fans a few weeks ago. The name promised a lot and for sure, it did deliver. With all the new features in the game, it seems the wait was worth it.

Major additions.

The new patch has brought with it new meat drops helping with hunger management. Cows, chicken, and pigs have been for a long time the only sources of meat in Minecraft. A welcome change in the new update is the addition of sheep and rabbits as alternative meat sources. The sheep is not a particularly new addition to the game as it has been on Minecraft since 25th October 2005 in the pre-alpha version. They played a more passive role as wool giving mobs. Shortly after, other passive mobs were added to the game and included pigs, cows and chicken. The last three eventually got meat drops but the sheep remained passive. Their meat drop is finally here.

The latest patch has also removed Herobrine, whether this or good, you’ll have to play to find out. New slime block, new types of dirt and stone, a new spectator mode and ‘Customizable’ world type are other new additions. The most exciting changes are all the new additions in under water content: Sea Lanterns and Prismane blocks, Guardian and Ender Guardian enemies and the Ocean Monument. As the Minecraft changelog states, therere are “LOTS AND LOTS” of changes.

This update may have taken Mojang more than 300 days to develop but has brought with it the most amount of changes of all Minecraft updates. It has brought change in the “large game structure” and made significant improvements in the games overall performance. Basically, most of the changes are under- the – hood and won’t be noticed by players but they will have a significant impact on the game.
The change log is Mega-long so I’ll just summarise some of the more important additions to the game.

– New types of stone have been added: granite, diorite and adesite

– Enchanting has undergone change and in addition to enchantment levels will also cost lapis lazuli

– Mossy and chiseled stone bricks are now craftable

– Rebalanced villager trading

– Villages now have new professions that include butcher, cleric, librarian, fisherman and armorer.

– A new slime block that bounces players when they jump on it

– Wood type variants for doors and fences have been increased.

– Doors will now stack to a maximum of 64.

This update has also seen major changes in the adventure map. They include:

– Blocks can no longer be destroyed even if a player has the right tools.

– New commands: blockdata/ fill and /clone

– You can now specify entities to be targeted by commands with @e operator and their type.

The latest update has brought with it numerous changes that will revamp the game and keep it interesting to the millions of fans. Install the new update and enjoy these new features and many more.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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