How to start your own music festival

How to start your own music festival

Whether you listen to Bob Dylan or Taylor Swift (or both), there is something truly spectacular about the way music can make you think and feel. And watching a great band play live can completely change the way you view the world.

There are few things more exciting than spending a few days listening to some of the best local bands at a music festival. From Coachella to Glastonbury, there is no shortage of festivals around the world. But have you ever thought about how you’d run your own music fest if you had the chance?

Well, if you have a farm, have been to your fair share of local gigs and know what the scene kids like, then you could start your own music festival. Here’s how…

Decide on the size – Are you going to go for three stages and cover a variety of musical genres or are you going to stick to rock ‘n roll and keep it small? How many people can your farm cater for? How many tents can you possibly fit in the camping area? And, of course, how many festival-goers do you want to clean up after? You need to decide on these things first.

Get the right sponsors – If you’re going to throw the most influential music festival since Woodstock in ’69, you’re going to need money. And, even though it’s taking place on a farm, you can’t exactly apply for agricultural finance. Of course, you can’t just have any old sponsors at your soon-to-be-legendary festival. You need the coolest of the cool sponsors to attract the coolest of the cool bands.

Sort out the lineup – If you want to throw the gig of a lifetime, you need musicians. Obviously. There are two ways to go about approaching bands to play. You can start with the smaller local acts and then approach possible headliners or you can start with the main act first. If you choose to start with the small bands, you’ll have a list to prove to the big guys that you mean business. On the other hand, you’re more likely to have your pick of the local crop if you have a great headline act booked.

Figure out refreshments – If you want people to show up, you’ve got to feed them. And give them booze. You can also make a bit of cash from this as well. Of course, you’ve got to give your sponsors first pick if they’re in the food or drink business. But you should also look for small gourmet food truck businesses to offer a spot to. You want to cater to all different kinds of eaters – from junk food aficionados to committed vegans. Also, make sure your vendors are stocked up on water, partying hard gets you thirsty.

Starting your own music festival means that you get to create your perfect lineup and design the setup the way you’ve always thought it should be. Just remember to factor in things like medics and security.

Photo by Music News Australia

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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