How to plan a simple home wedding

Some people like to go all out for their special day. They spend tons of money and invite everyone they know. Other people, however, prefer a simpler, more personal wedding. And there’s nothing as simple and personal as home.

The thing is, a home wedding can either go really well or horribly wrong. That’s why you have to plan it perfectly. Here are a few tips on how to plan a lovely home wedding.

Keep the numbers small

Unless you live in a mansion or have a particularly large backyard, you’ll probably need (and want) to keep the guest list limited. You don’t need to invite the whole office or friends you haven’t seen since high school. Limit the invites to those closest to you. You’re not obligated to extend an invitation to anyone. It’s about who you want to spend your special day with.

Get family and friends to contribute

Try to avoid hiring professionals. They cost a lot of money and they’ll take away from the personal feel of having a wedding at home. Rather get friends and family to contribute with their various skills. You can even ask them to do this instead of handing over wedding gifts. To replace a professional photographer, you could buy a few polaroid cameras and have the guests themselves take the pictures. This way you’ll get some beautiful candid shots of the wedding without having too many overly-posed pictures.

Simple yet elegant decór

There are loads of different DIY wedding decorations you can create yourself. Add a few centrepieces on the tables, use special tablecloths and create unique name settings. Just remember to keep it simple and use what you’ve already got as often as you can. You’ll be surprised at how elegant you make your wooden garden furniture.

Make it about you and the person you’re marrying

Don’t worry about what everybody else is going to think of your home or decorations. This is your day and it’s all about you. Keep out the family photographs and don’t hide the drawings you made as a child. The best thing about a home wedding is that it’s unique to you and your loved ones.

With these simple suggestions in mind, planning your home wedding shouldn’t be too stressful. Just remember: you’re not getting married at a place where countless other strangers have said “I do”. That’s something truly special.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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