How to make the most of life in 2016

A new year doesn’t mean a “new you”. It does, however, give you the opportunity to reflect on the last year of your life and think about what you’d like to change. It also gives you the feeling that things can change if you really want them to. This year everything is up to you.

So, why not choose to make the most of life in 2016? Here are some ways you can do just that.

Stop saying sorry

There are many reasons to stop apologising. Some of those are psychological and others are about people’s perception of you. But the main reason you should stop apologising is because you’ve done nothing wrong. When you say sorry for something simply because you feel you have to, you’re telling the other person you don’t believe in yourself. Worse than that, you’re encouraging self-doubt. Of course, if you’ve actually done something wrong and you feel that way, you should say sorry. But if you’re apologising for every little thing you do, stop it.

Be honest

Don’t be mean. Don’t say hurtful things and say you’re just telling the truth. Don’t be that person. But do be honest. This means that if someone wants your opinion, give them what they’re asking for. If you disagree with something someone says in a meeting and you believe you know what you’re talking about, speak up. There’s no use being dishonest or keeping your mouth shut. Especially if you plan to make the most of this year.

Accept compliments

We’re not talking about some random at a bar. Here we’re referring to your boss telling you that you’re doing a good job or your friend telling you that you look particularly good today. Instead of coming up with some excuse or changing the subject, simply say thank you and move on. It’s good for your self-esteem and people will start seeing you as a more confident person.

Work towards self-improvement

Whether it’s taking a free online course or investing in a gym membership, make an effort to better yourself this year. The thing is, you can’t do this for anyone else. You need to do this for you. Create achievable goals and set out to conquer them.

2016 is your year. So, stop hiding under the duvet covers and get out there. Do what needs to be done and stop apologising for it.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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