How to keep yourself motivated at work

The new year is filled with so much expectation and promise. You hope you’ll be able to start work after a long break with renewed energy and enthusiasm. But the reality is that you’re tired after the holiday.

If you travelled during this time, you’re probably feeling tired and broke, a combination which is unlikely to lead to inspired work. If you’ve been celebrating the festive season with family, you’re possibly feeling frustrated and frazzled; it can be tough to negotiate the tricky nuances of multiple family gatherings.

You know you have to get back to the office and keep working. Even if you’re covered by legal insurance, the last thing you could cope with right now is being retrenched. So now that you’re back at work, how do you keep yourself motivated? Here are some tips to help you get through these first few weeks.

Eliminate procrastination

Procrastination is the number one killer of productivity and creativity. You’ll need to think carefully about the distractions you face at work. Is your smoking habit taking you away from your desk? Do you have chatty colleagues who won’t leave you in peace for a moment? Is your addiction to social media keeping you on a constant clicking cycle through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? You’ll need to identify what distracts you and then work to eliminate these from your worklife.

Set long-term goals

When you’re working toward long-term goals which excite you, you’ll be able to stay motivated to keep going. You’ll see the impact of your work as you make progress toward your goal. Without the excitement of seeing the progress you’re making, you’ll struggle to remain motivated. Break your big project into smaller, more manageable goals and you’ll be able to cross items off your to-do-list often.

Improve communication

The things you say and do all tell a story about how you’re feeling. And the way you’re feeling begins to impact your motivation levels. Even when you aren’t feeling particularly motivated, act like you are. Tell your colleagues how much you’re enjoying your current projects, stand tall and pretend to work hard. Eventually you’ll stop pretending, start working hard and enjoy doing so.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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