How to keep yourself busy while working in a store

How to keep yourself busy while working in a store

While the holidays may mean slowing down for most people, retail workers dread the festive season. The shops get busy, the stock goes fast and the customers get rude. There is one upside to working over the holidays though: you’ll never find yourself getting bored.

But what about the rest of the year? What about those slow days when the customers aren’t coming in and you’ve done all the stock take you can do without losing your mind? How do you deal with the boredom when you work in retail and nobody seems to be buying anything?

At the end of the day, you’ve mastered the art of the point of sale software and you know seven different ways of approaching customers to offer help. What you really need to know is how to keep yourself busy when the customers just aren’t showing up.

Put your customers in a box – No, not literally (although sometimes you might want to). Create categories for the type of customers you have and come up with ways to approach and deal with these customers. When you work in retail you meet all sorts of types of customers, so why not be proactive and come up with ways to deal with these different sorts of people. You could share it with your colleagues and really impress the boss. Or you could simply turn it into a game and count how many different customers come into the store each day.

Take bets – If you’re not alone in the store, then this one may just be the game for you. Ask your coworkers what items they think will sell the most in a single day. Place your bets in the morning and get selling. This could work out as a positive for the business as whole because staff will immediately want to sell as many of their items as possible. Impress the boss? Tick. Avoid the boredom? Tick.

Find pairings for your products – If you work in a baking supply store, find recipes for the most decadent desserts and pitch these to customers. And if you work in a clothing store, take a look at the latest fashion blogs and put together some great outfits for potential customers. Your customers will appreciate it and so will your boss. You’ll find that certain customers will start returning to you for advice, which is great if you work on commission.

Out of season, the boredom can really set in, especially if you work weekday shifts. That’s why it’s important keep up your energy levels by being busy. Once the boredom sets in it’s hard to get rid of, even when the customers start showing up.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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