How to get your children to behave themselves on holiday

Whether you’re travelling across the world or visiting the next town over, going on holiday with children is never easy. For one thing, you’re often so preoccupied with what they need to take with them that you forget to pack your own essentials. For another, travelling with little ones means working on their schedule while they work on your nerves.

Having children is a wonderful blessing and of course you want to enjoy your holiday with them. But there is always that nagging fear that they’re going to ruin your holiday in Cape Town by throwing a tantrum in that fancy hotel in Greenpoint.

Well, if you’re worried about your little ones acting out on holiday, here are some ways to keep them on good behaviour.

Give them an outline of the adventure

Get your kids excited by giving them a play-by-play of the adventure they’re about to go on. They’ll be less inclined to throw tantrums if they’re holding their breath and looking forward to all the fun they’re about to have. Try to leave out the stuff they might find boring and stick to the kind of thing they’d really enjoy.

Don’t make threats you won’t follow through on

Let’s face it, you’re not really going to turn the car around halfway to your destination. So, don’t tell them you’re going to do it. If they misbehave, you’re welcome to make threats, but you should only warn them about punishments you’re actually going to go through with. If you say you’re going to confiscate their iPad, then do it. If you don’t go through with the punishments you promise, they won’t take any warnings seriously.

Let them make some of the decisions

Often children on holiday throw tantrums because they feel like they have no say when it comes to what you’re doing. So, let them choose some activities while you’re away. It can be as simple as letting them decide what restaurant to eat at or letting them choose between going to the beach or going on a hike. It’ll make them feel more in control.

Don’t give in just to get them to shut up

You may be tempted to give in to your little one’s tantrums because you’re on holiday and they’re just plain embarrassing you in the middle of the hotel lobby. But don’t do it. Don’t give in. There are many ways to deal with tantrums that don’t include giving in. The second you start to negotiate with your little terrorist, they realise that they can get what they want by misbehaving. After that, you have no hope.

Having children can be an amazing experience, but travelling with them can (at times) be hell. Keep these tips in mind to avoid dealing with brat attacks this festive season. We’ve all heard the horror stories of children acting out. After all, kids throw tantrums for the strangest reasons.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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