How to get through jet lag

How to get through jet lag

There are few things more exciting than landing in a new country. You have so much to explore and experience and you can’t wait to get started. But, if you’ve just arrived in a new time zone, chances are you’re not going to be feeling too great.

Jet lag can leave you feeling uncomfortable, extremely tired and in a complete daze. This is not how you want to feel when you’ve just checked in at your holiday destination. So, here are some ways to get through jet lag.

Before you go

Get to know the time zone you’ll be entering and adjust your body clock. You can do this subtly and over time by slowly changing your sleep patterns. You should also hydrate your body regularly before the flight.

Make the right choices on the plane

Firstly, choose your seat wisely. If it’s a long flight and you can afford to pay more for business or first class, then do so. If you can’t do that (which is completely understandable), then at least try to find a seat that offers legroom. The first row of seats may be a good option in certain planes but check the layout of the airplane before you book your ticket if you can.

Secondly, don’t drink too much. This isn’t so much about avoiding jet lag as it is about making you feel worse. You’ve already got to deal with the side-effects of changing time zones, so don’t add a hangover to the strain on your body.

Thirdly, decide whether it’s in your best interest to sleep on the plane or not. If you’re arriving first thing in the morning after an 18-hour flight, you may want to get some sleep. If you’re arriving at night and plan to get some rest at the hotel, then avoid sleeping too much on the flight. Rather browse the online duty free shop or read a gripping novel.

Give yourself time to adjust

Don’t plan anything for the first day (or night) you arrive. You don’t have to sit in your hotel room and do nothing, but give yourself the freedom to do what feels right on the first day. You may feel a little confused due to jet lag and you don’t want to exacerbate that by planning a full day of activities an hour after you land.

You deserve a holiday, so don’t let jet lag ruin your trip. Take these tips into account and enjoy your vacation.

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