How to Get Rid of Garden Pests and Insects

How to Get Rid of Garden Pests and Insects

Demi Crawford is a lover of all things Australian. She’s your go-to person when it comes to family well-being and animal rights. She currently writes content for Dawson’s Australia and in this article she talks about ways on how to completely eradicate insects and pests in the garden.


In order to have a successful garden, you have to work hard for it. It doesn’t just happen. This only means, you need to go through the long and daunting planning process, which include the choosing of seeds and the preparation of the soil.
When you think everything ends here, you’re wrong. After planning, you have to get ready for the actual planting, which involves constantly watering of the plants, getting rid of weeds, and eradicating insects. Yes, insects.

While some consider insects as friends, others look at them as their worst enemies. Gardeners find spider, mites, fire ants, aphids, and beetles, great challenges in gardening. Luckily, with the new methods introduced today, these unwanted species can beeradicated in the garden.
Here are several ways on how to completely get rid of insects and pests in the garden, without harming the environment.

1. Use homemade sticky traps.


Eco-friendly sticky traps are readily available on the market. But, if you want something truly innovative yet homemade, you can try making one using sticky materials you see at home. Once you’ve gathered everything needed, wrap it using a plastic. Finally, cover it using an organic adhesive. Now, place your sticky trap in your garden and see how many pests it can catch.

2. Create a DIY all-purpose spray.


Using hot pepper, onion, and garlic, you can create an insect spray that effectively gets rid of leaf-eating garden pests. However, this can only be used when needed, because it can be toxic to pollinators and other useful insects.

3. Have other beneficial insects in your garden.


As the saying goes, “Sometimes, the best way to fight fire is with fire”, which means, you too can get rid of unwanted insects by having other unwanted insects. Simply unleash them into your yard and they will do the rest of the job.

4. Raise backyard animals.

If you have chickens in your backyard, you already have a built-in system that can help you get rid of bugs. Normally, chickens feed on Japanese beetles. So, you don’t have to worry about these pests anymore.

5. Practice crop rotation.


Pests easily get used to the types of plant that is cultivated in a yard. If you don’t want them to infest your plants, better practice crop rotation.

6. Use organic pesticides.

In some countries, many home gardeners use organic pesticides to prevent pest infestation. They use neem leaves, water, timur, livestock urine, and garlic, not only to protect their plants, but also to keep them away from unwanted insects.

7. Make a stink.


Citronella, basil, and lemongrass are among the natural deterrents for various garden pests. Because of their aroma, they attract some predators that help eliminate your pest problem.

8. Use salt.

In order to get snails and slugs out of the garden, it is best to use salt and splatter it all around the garden. Since the bodies of these offenders are mostly water, they will easily dry out with salt.

9. Make the most out of eggshells.

Another way of exterminating snails and slugs is through using eggshells. Simply crush them and spread them on top of the soil. This will keep them off your plants.

10. Prevention is better than cure.


The best way to keep garden insects away from your yard is to grow plants that are healthy and disease-free. If possible, regularly inspect the leaves for any signs of damage and discoloration. If you happen to see any, remove it right away. This way, you can stop problems before they arise.

Of course, no garden is free of diseases and pests because the potential problems are endless. Fortunately, with the tips presented above, you can now fight these predators without putting the health of your plants at risk.

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Author: Demi Crawford

Demi is a lover of all things Australia, and she’s your go-to person when it comes to family well-being and animal rights. Currently, she’s writing for Dawson’s Australia. If you want helpful updates, follow her on Twitter: @DemiCrawford31

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