How to get out of a rut

So, you’ve reached a point where your life feels completely stagnant? You don’t know where to go or what to do. Every day seems the same and you’re pretty much just going through the motions. You don’t know quite how to explain what you’re going through, but whatever it is, you want it to end.

You may be stuck in a rut. And here are a few ways to claw yourself out.

Do something completely unlike you

Shake up your routine. It can start with a small thing like wearing a colour you usually avoid, eating dinner at a different time or leaving work early to go for a scenic drive. But then you need to get more drastic. Try something new. Whether it’s bungee jumping on a Sunday afternoon or dating someone you wouldn’t normally give the time of day. The point is to get you out of your routine. The less comfortable you are the better.

Of course, you don’t want to do something that conflicts with your moral compass. You still need to trust your instincts but only to a certain extent. Get out there and get all shook up. Start with the small and work your way to the bigger things if that works better for you. Or you can jump right in.

Take a break from life

Get in your car and escape to a camping site for the weekend. Or, if your budget allows, get out of the country completely and explore somewhere entirely new. Invest in some duty free alcohol and party on a foreign beach. Or simply relax in a cottage in the woods. Just get away. Switch your phone off (if you can handle it) and completely disconnect. Leaving your life behind will not only destroy your routine but also give you enough space to offer a new perspective upon your return.

Make a big change

Move house, change career, redo your entire look. Whatever you do, make a huge change that will greatly influence the way you live your life. Whatever area of your life you feel is lacking, change something. This is the time to take a risk. Of course, the size of the change depends on exactly how miserable you are.

You don’t have to do all three, these are simply some of the options you have. Just remember that life is too short to be stuck in a rut.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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