How to get a good night’s sleep

How to get a good night’s sleep

So, to help you out, here are some tips on how to encourage a good night’s sleep.

It’s all about that routine – Going to sleep at the same time every single night may be a little hard to do when you still want to have a social life (and sometimes you just to finish that one last thing for work). But try to have a regular bedtime on weekdays. It’s not very rock ‘n roll, but it’ll be worth it when you start to notice how great you feel. Also try to wake up the same time every day, which may be easier because – you know – you have to be at work anyway.

Don’t oversleep – Sleeping an extra 3 hours on a Saturday morning may seem like utter bliss at the time, but oversleeping can actually be harmful. It can make you feel lethargic and moody for the rest of the day and you’re more likely to want to take that afternoon nap. It also, rather importantly, throws off that sleeping pattern you’ve been working so hard to maintain. You don’t necessarily have to get up super early, but you should avoid hitting that snooze button too often.

Drop the stimulants after lunch – Many people wouldn’t survive the morning without that first cup of coffee. But drinking large amounts of the good stuff throughout the day can be really bad for you. Despite the health risks, it can also stop you from being to able to sleep at night. You may think that having that last cappuccino at 4pm is perfectly okay because you only plan to hit that pillow at 9pm. But that jolt of caffeine may keep you awake for longer than you think.

So remember these suggestions when you get under those duvet covers. No matter your lifestyle, the work you do or the person you are, having a good night’s sleep will make your life so much better. However, there are no promises that it’ll turn you into a morning person.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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