How to Find the Best Residential Plumber

Are you prepared in the event that you experience a plumbing emergency? Do you have a list of qualified plumbers near your phone with their contact information readily available? It is important to narrow down the field and we have some tips for you to find the very best residential plumber in your local area so that you will have their information at the ready when you need to call them in.

One thing is certain, an emergency can occur at any time, day or night and when it comes to plumbing, that means burst pipes and hot water tanks leaking out onto the floor as examples. Neither of these things can wait until the next day, so when you have a plumbing emergency you want the best residential plumber to help you with your emergency. You have some research and leg work to do in advance to ensure that you get what you want / need.

How to Find the Best Residential Plumber

Check References in Advance

Contact any plumbing company and ask them for references of people that they have done work for in the past. If they are a good company, they should not hesitate to give you that information without question. They may have some paperwork on this in the form of a letter written by a satisfied customer. You should call the references and ask them if they were happy with the work product delivered by that plumber and also to check the legitimacy of the company.

Referrals from Trusted Friends / Family / Coworkers

When you are looking around for a qualified plumber to get your plumbing issues in order, speak to friends, family, coworkers, relatives or anyone who has recently used a local plumbing company. If no one in your immediate circle has a name of a company, you can get in touch with a real estate agent or a plumbing supply store to see if they have any companies that they would recommend. Excellent plumbers get most of their work through referrals and a good reputation because they are honest and keep their customers happy.

Check into Licensing

Once you have narrowed your list of potential plumbers down, ask them each to provide you with a quote on your plumbing job.  You will want to confirm that each of these potential contractors has valid licensing and is able to work on your job. When you check into their license status you are looking out for yourself in that you know that they are certified and meet all of the requirements to get the job done to a high standard. Licensing ensures that your contractor has the correct training required to complete your plumbing work to a professional standard using the latest techniques and equipment.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Simply doing a search online for your potential contractor, you should be able to find feedback for the plumbers on your list. Homeowners are likely to leave online reviews after they have worked with a plumber.  Be sure to read all reviews, both the good and the bad so that you can get the full picture of the contractor. Read about the common thread regarding a contractor’s costs, professionalism and efficiency. Are there more good reviews than bad or more bad reviews than good? All of these things matter when you are looking for a solid contractor.

Search for Complaints

One or two bad reviews is one thing, but if a homeowner has taken that step to file a complaint against a plumber then you need to know.  Customers who are disgruntled can file an actual complaint against a contractor and that is something that you should pay attention to. If you have a local Better Business Bureau, get in touch with them and see if they have complaints registered against them through that agency. Did the contractor take steps to rectify the issue or not? Was the complaint resolved? Did it go to arbitration or mediation? The outcome is as important as the complaint because you want to know that the contractor will take similar steps to rectify any issue you may have with their work too.

When you take the time to pre-qualify a plumbing company before they can bid on your job or before you hire them, it is a worthwhile process. Yes, the work leading up to the it is time-consuming, but you should work hard to do that legwork and find and hire the right contractor for your work. This will allow you to be ready for any plumbing emergency that may arise in your home. When an emergency occurs, you are not going to have the luxury of time to screen contractors and read reviews. Taking these steps in advance is a good proactive step to getting exactly what you need in a time crunch. It will help to remove the stress related to having to find a plumber when an emergency occurs.

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