How to build a website

How to build a website

So you know your way around the internet now and have come across 1000 of websites in your travels. You think to yourself, I want to build a website but how do I do it.

Now there are many ways to get yourself a website up and running. The easiest way of course is to hire a professional to build a website for you. Now this will usually get you a great looking website how you want it to look. BUT it costs money to do this. Depending on the complexity of your website it could cost 1000’s even into the 10’s of 1000’s to get what you want.

If you are looking for something fairly simple like a Blog site our informational site then there are many free products out there that can fulfil your needs.

There are many different types out there and here are some examples of website builder sites

  • – this site allows you to create a website with little to no knowledge of websites. They provide a simple interface where you can create your website using a drag and drop approach
  • – this site allows you to create your own site using there on-line tools. They offer may different options and plugins. They have introduced e-commerce which allows you to sell products on-line
  • – Another free online website builder. It has a bunch of templates to choose from, upload your logo and away you go.

These sites provide free and paid subscriptions depending on your requirements

Another option is to choose Open Source software. This is free software that you can use to build your website.

Below are some Open Source Options

  • – Best suited as a blogging platform it is a very powerful and well established software platform
  • – Concrete5 allows you to edit your content in place meaning your can simply click on the area on your site you want to edit and edit it. It’s that simple. Much quicker to edit and approve your pages
  • – This is one of the most comprehensive Shopping cart platforms our there. While it is free to down load it does require alot of effort to get it up and running and you would need someone who knows what they are doing to make design change to it.
  • – Another shopping cart platform. It is similar to Magento in many ways and probably better suited to the smaller shopping website.

If you choose to use open source software you will need a website hosting provider to host these and there are many out there.

Now if you want a challenge you can go with the Open Source options. This would give you much more flexibilty in what you want to do but it would be more time consuming. If you are in a rush and require a website up and running quickly then a website builder option would be the way to go. This option gets you up and running quickly with little to no knowledge of website building. They can have limitiations but for the most part they create basic sites very well.

If you want to learn more about creating your own websites for free and want to see how they tick, then you might want to look into this software

Click here to build a free website


If you are interested in getting yourself a mobile application then you may be interested in looking into this product

Make a Mobile App

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