How to be a good neighbour

We’ve all had those terrible neighbours that make being at home the absolute worst. They’re the kind of person that makes you stay late at the office just so you can avoid them. They make you dread the end of the day, nevermind Saturdays. As long as you have one of these neighbours you hardly ever turn down an invitation to get out the house (or flat).

You don’t want to be that neighbour. That’s for sure. But sometimes we don’t know that we’re doing certain things that may make our neighbours hate us. So, here is how to be a good neighbour.

No music after 11pm

Even if you’re convinced that you have the best taste in music, your neighbours may disagree. And they probably don’t want to hear you blaring Taylor Swift at midnight, no matter how good she is. As a general rule you should keep your music at a volume that your neighbours can’t hear. But if you live in a flat with thin walls, they can probably hear most of your movements.

Warn them if you’re throwing a party

You can probably get away with throwing a relaxed dinner party but if things are going to get rowdy, you should definitely consider sending out a notice to your neighbours. And if you’re having a kids party, you need to notify them at least a few days before. They may want to get as far away as possible. The little ones aren’t exactly quiet when they’re full of sugar.

Remember that not everyone is a night owl

You may work best at night (or maybe you’re an insomniac) but that doesn’t mean your neighbours should have to be awake too. Try not to slam doors or make any loud noises. If your outside light shines through their bedroom window, try to keep it off at night. If you live in a flat, try be as quiet as possible as you walk up and down the stairs.

Keep your problems on your property

Keep your plants on your side of the fence. Keep your children’s toys in your yard. And if there is a broken pipe, make sure that the damage isn’t affecting their property as well as yours. Make sure that your cat doesn’t find its way through their window and your dog doesn’t scratch up their flower beds.

Nobody wants to be the bad neighbour. You want to live in peace with those around you. So, after you’ve filled in your bond affordability calculator and are all moved in, keep these suggestions at the back of your mind so you’re not hated by the whole community.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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