Fireplace Care And Maintenance

Having a fireplace at home is a great pleasure for sure; we all agree that fire is a lot more than a simple decoration to our living room. A fireplace is a great accessory to every home, this is because of its ability to add some cosiness and beauty to the house and provide comfort for the family that lives there, especially during the cold winter days.

However, in order to ensure that your fireplace brings you the comfort you dream of and has a longer lifespan, you must make sure that you take proper care of it. It is for this reason that you need to learn how to properly maintain and improve your fireplace.

How should you clean the fireplace at your home?

First, and most important, you should know that you must clean your fireplace mechanically at least two times a year. The first cleaning process should be carried out during the heating season and the other one should be carried out right after the heating season. If you don’t do that, we can guarantee that you will be able to sense the smell of burnt soot and tar all over your place. So, regular and thorough cleaning is needed in order to have better control over the overall condition of your fireplace.

In order to clean the fireplace in the best way possible, you must remove the reflecting plate first and then clean the soot. Use a hard brush or a compact broomstick in order to remove the soot completely. Then wipe the interior with a soft wet cloth and wash it with a soft sponge impregnated with a simple home-made solution of soap and water. Of course, there is a great variety of special detergents in the market that you can choose from.

After you clean the fireplace from the inside, you should check its various components and replace or repair the damaged ones if necessary. Remember that you should not light fire until you repair all broken or damaged components of the fireplace.

Cleaning the fireplace after the heating season is over

After the heating season is over, don’t forget to clean all the cast iron elements and details. Gently remove the tar accumulations and use a special steel brush to clean all the parts of your fireplace that are reachable. Coat them with the appropriate paste, wax or paint after that, as this will add some lustre to your fireplace and will protect its metal parts from rusting. Repeat the procedure once again if necessary.

Another thing you should do after the heating season is over, is leaving all the air ducts open in order to give your fireplace the opportunity to self-ventilate. However, if your fireplace is equipped with iron bars that can’t be removed, the cleaning should be carried out using an aspirator or a vacuum cleaner. There are also some special vacuum cleaners that are specially designed for fireplace cleaning in order to provide the customer with thorough dust removal.

Also, do not forget to empty the tray regularly in order to avoid soot accumulations that may clog the fuel grate and cause serious damage. Do not dispose of hot coal carelessly as this may cause fire. Only use metal, iron or steel utensils, and always remember to clean them afterwards in order to prevent dust and soot from spreading all over the house.

How to clean the glass surfaces in your fireplace

Glass surfaces should be cleaned when they are cold. Rub them with a soft sponge or a cloth soaked in special detergent based on soda caustic. Always follow the instructions strictly and do not forget to use a pair of rubber gloves in order to protect your hands. Do not use any window-cleaning detergents as these may damage the glass surfaces of your fireplace.

Brass parts and other accessories must be cleaned regularly with cleaning products that are specifically designed for brass and copper.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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