How To Donate To Ebola Relief – 5 Organisations To Support

How To Donate To Ebola Relief – 5 Organisations To Support

The current outbreak of Ebola is one of the worst recorded in the U.S and West Africa, having infected over 6,500 people and claimed about 3,000 lives as of 30th September 2014. The WHO predicts that it will take up to six or even nine months to deal with the outbreak for good, but in the meanwhile, the total number of infected people could hit the 20,000 mark.

As this deadly virus continues to accelerate in the western part of Africa, prevention steps are being taken to avoid contact with it. According to experts, the disease is infectious, and one of the most important preventive measure is frequent hand washing with a detergent and water.

The longer the outbreak goes on, the greater the chance of it spreading even more. For people interested in making Ebola donations to the affected countries and communities, there are organizations involved in response work in these countries hit by the virus.

As relief and recovery efforts evolve, the following organizations have tailored their work to meet the various needs of people. From monetary donations to clothes, foods and other items, these organizations can react with speed and specificity in the critical sectors to help communities recover.

American Red Cross (

The American Red Cross aims to provide people in need, compassionate care. The organization has a network of generous donors, employees and volunteers who share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering around the world. Through its disaster relief program, the organization is seeking Ebola donations to help lift the lives of those affected in West Africa. Along with the Red Cross network, it is helping amplify efforts and strengthen capacity of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone Red Crosses as the devastating virus wreaks havoc in these countries.

Save The Children Organization, (

This organization helps save the lives of many children in the U.S and across the world. It aims to give every child what they deserve- good health, opportunity for education and care when disaster or a disease strikes. It saves the lives of children. It is among the many organizations that have joined hands to curb the outbreak of Ebola. It is especially concerned with the lives of 2.5 million children under 5 years in the affected Ebola countries.

The Bethel Bible Church (

This is a community of believers located in Tyler Texas that focuses on Biblical truth, worship and missions. The response of the Church is first to pray continually that the affected people in Sierra Leon are protected by God from the deadly virus, and secondly, give Ebola donations, including medical supplies (gloves, suits hoods among several other items). Donations can be made in monetary form via PayPal.

Clean the World (

The Clean the World Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Florida. The mission of the Foundation is to collect and recycle discarded soap and shampoo products, which are then distributed and donated to needy in order to prevent deaths caused by hygiene related diseases such as Ebola. The organization is responding to the need for hygiene supplies in West Africa, shipping 5 million bars of soap. It is seeking donation in its Operation Soap Blitz program to provide millions of people affected by Ebola with soap.

Act!onAid (

Act!onAid in Sierra Leon and Liberia have been working in communities tirelessly in collaboration with other volunteers, health workers, government officials, media, local volunteers and key members of communities to help affected people understand what to do if symptoms occur and how to protect themselves from Ebola. Additionally, the organization has the Act!onAid Ebola Website where people can make monetary donations.


Authored by: Pete Anderson

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