How To Choose The Best Rat Poison?

How To Choose The Best Rat Poison?

We are often asked which is the best rat poison to buy, and our answer is pretty simple. NONE. Poisons are not only dangerous but also an inhumane way of controlling rats. They are favoured by people because their use seems simple at first; just place the bait and go. But the work involved later – i.e. looking for and disposing of the dead rats – is a lot. Using poison to control rats is just messy and we don’t recommend it.

Reasons why you shouldn’t use poison to control rats

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use poison for rat control:

  1. It’s inhumane. Poison is by far the least humane method of controlling any animal problem. Poisoned rats will suffer a slow painful death as a result of haemorrhaging, internal bleeding or dehydration. Although rats are destructive and stubborn pests, poison is an extreme method of controlling them and frankly there are better ways of doing it.
  2. Accidental poisoning. Poison is not a pest specific control method. Other animals such as wildlife or pets could feed on the poison leading to accidental poisoning. This method of control also puts your family at risk as the poison could come into contact with human food or be accidentally ingested by children. You’ll also need to be very careful when handling it to avoid accidents.
  3. Dead rats. Once they consume the poison, rats will go back to their hidden nests where they will die. The decaying bodies of dead rats will produce a foul smell that will make the place uninhabitable. This will give you the extra work of searching hard to reach areas of your house for the dead pests. Handling the dead rats is not only icky but could also pose a health risk for you.
  4. Poisoning rarely clears all rats. When you use poison, not all rats will die. To successfully eliminate an infestation, you will need to get rid of all the rats – which is never the case with poison. Not all the rats will consume the bait and not all that consume it will die. Because rats breed very quickly, a rat infestation will resurge just as quick.

Better options:

  1. Rat Repellers. Repellers use ultrasonic and electromagnetic pulses to make your home very difficult to live in for rodents. These devices do not harm the pests but rather irritates them forcing them to leave your home. The devices can be used either for controlling identified rat infestations or for prevention purposes.
  2. . Catch and release traps provide a simple, humane way of getting rid of stubborn rats from your place. We sell both single-catch traps and multi-catch traps to suit different needs. Traps are easy to set and their durable construction ensures that you can re-use them until the last rat is caught.
Authored by: Pete Anderson

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