How to Carryout Natural Pest Control

How to Carryout Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control refers to the different ways of controlling a pest infestation without having to use chemicals such as pesticides or insecticides to kill them. These are Eco-friendly ways that do not pose any danger to other living creatures or even humans and conserve the environment. Through these natural ways of controlling pests, you can save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent in hiring pest control specialists, investing in expensive pest control gadgets and even pesticides.  There are a number of natural pest control methods every home owner should know. These methods are guaranteed to reduce pest infestation and help prevent their effects.

  • Maintaining a properly hygienic environment is one of the best and most effective methods of natural pest control. Pests such as ants are attracted to your house by food crumbs and dirt which they collect for food. Maintaining a clean house by cleaning any spills and regularly cleaning the house after meals is a sure method that will prevent entry of ants and pests attracted by leftover food. Avoid leaving dirty dishes lying around the house and cover all food and sugar containers to prevent ant infestation. Cleanliness is a natural pest control method that will help deal with microscopic pests such as dust mites that accumulate on dirty beddings, clothes and furniture. Regular vacuuming also helps avoid such pests. Cleaning of pets regularly will control pests such as fleas and ticks.
  • Blocking of entry points into the house is a natural pest control strategy that is guaranteed to work against flying insects such as mosquitoes. These small insects are able to pass through the smallest of cracks or opening s in the house. Ensuring that all doors and windows are shut at night prevents entry of mosquitoes. Rodents such as mice and rats will come through openings such as air vents. This can be prevented through the use of special screens to cover any openings in the house that are not supposed to be airtight sealed.
  • Natural pest control can also be achieved through bringing in pets that feed on the particular pest you are trying to control. One of the most common ways that has been used for centuries is the use of a cat in the control of rats and mice. This is an equally safe and environmentally friendly way that does not cause any damage or harm to the environment and its resources like pesticides do.
  • Use of traps to capture pests is also a natural pest control method that does not pose any danger to the environment. Use of different mousetraps and contraptions that allows flying or crawling insects to get trapped is a very safe natural pest control methods especially in environments where there are young children are around.

Pest infestation can pose serious health dangers through spread of diseases and bodily harm. Their control however should not be carried out in an extreme manner that causes more damage to the environment. It is for this reason that natural control methods are applied.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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