Benefits Of Learning New Languages

Benefits Of Learning New Languages

Having knowledge of a single language only is creating a lot of barriers to many people. This is due to globalization of the world which has become very small and people move easily from one region to another. The movement has actually exposed many people to difficult situations due to language barriers. This therefore calls for the need to learn new languages.

Although learning requires time and dedication, it pays off after completion. The world is estimated to have more than 7000 languages and learning some apart from your native language tremendously breaks the social barrier, as well as improves cultural diversity. Below is a description of the benefits of being multilingual.

Better Career Potentials

With the rise in unemployment all over the world, being multilingual acts as a career boost since companies are often interested in identifying new markets in different world regions. However, they cannot open branches in a country where their staff cannot communicate to the local people. Thus, knowing the language spoken by local people gives you an edge over other employees.

Improves Brain Health

It has been found that learning foreign languages enhances brain power, memory and keenness. New languages have their own complexities such as spellings, pronunciations, etymology and meanings. Recognizing all these sharpens your mind since the brain is put to task of remembrance. Moreover, foreign languages exercise the brain which in the long term improves memory, as well as develops critical thinking among individuals.

Boosts the First Language 

Learning a new language exposes you to new structure of conversation skills, sentence construction, grammar, vocabulary etc which in the end makes it easy to understand the first language better, since sometimes they could be interlinked.

Exploration of New Cultures

Knowing a new language acts as a highway to people’s culture. Those who study different languages have a diverse knowledge of different cultures and traditions. This makes you appreciate other people’s way of doing things. You will also be able to enjoy music, style, foods and connect with the native speakers of the language, which opens up a whole new world for you.

Improvement in Academic Performances

Learning a new language activates the mind and helps to develop cognitive skills. Research has shown that multilingual students generally score higher than monolingual students in mathematics and comprehension.

Thus, there is need to learn different languages in order to diversify your cultural knowledge and get a better understanding of other people’s way of life. Being multilingual has never been a disadvantage but rather comes with a set of benefits such as mental improvements, better job prospects, exploring new cultures, improved academic performances among many others.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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