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I hope all of you get the help you need, although I personally have pretty much given up.I do on the give to get ahead, it just seems like no matter what I do it makes no difference.I truly just want what’s best for my family and I just figured I’m gone so much it really doesn’t matter.I’ve been feeling bad for two years.

When I have a “flare up” there usually isn’t a particular reason.im sad now…thanks for letting mewrite this.I don’t wish this existence on anyone.I’m constantly suicidal,have addictive personality,loss of my identity and am on disability for major depression,anxiety, and PTSD..is DBT an option for me?.Going to start a new therapist and psychiatrist..i am now homeless,live in my truck and drink a lot of beer to take the edge of in the evening..life is difficult(Scott Peck)..i need guidance,help,..i live to fight another day..btw,I will pray for all of you..your comments help..thank you.All manner ofassumptions are made in her research papers, which are clearly biased I feel ( I was a research lead).Sweetheart, you clearly care about your children.If you do your best to provide for them and get by, they will remember you for that.Not what you were able to give them.You are clearly going through hard times.Just try to think how you can better your situation in the long run and chip away at it.Trust me, your kids will look back and see your efforts more than they will how comfortable you have made life for them.You sound like a good mother, and it has nothing to do with wealth.Do some research about what kind of assistance you are eligible for.It is there for you if you look for it.Hang in there!

2. Country Legend Tom T. Hall’s Death Was a Suicide, Coroner Reveals

If you want another safe place to open up Sanctioned Suicide is really good.

All manner ofassumptions are made in her research papers, which are clearly biased I feel ( I was a research lead).I think I might have dissociative identity disorder, but I also think I don’t and I’m just making it up, but I also always gaslight myself, and why would I make that up, but I can’t trust anything my brain produces, for obvious reasons.

Please feel free to drop back in and let us know how you’re doing.They hurt others and Think THEY are the best in the world.

Anyway, glad you’re doing better nowadays.am, Sun.I hope you’re getting help.

What frustrates us and robs our lives of joy is this absence of meaning… Does our being alive matter?”.I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even brush my teeth cause it’s too much of a task.But if they don’t, I will be very matter of factly and calmly ending my life in a quiet, secluded place.The text line is a joke and often times out before anyone is there.Stacey, that’s just not true.my life is constant fuck up after fuck up.I’m not even depressed when the thoughts arise I could be having a great day and it’s just a thought almost like saying I’m hungry but instead it says you can kill yourself.Different things work for different people, and sadly, some people do not receive anything that helps them.I strive my best everyday.Great-grandma tried to kill herself four times and had shock therapy in the 60’s, when it was much less safe.

3. Movies

I’ve had suicide thoughts for many years.

Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, or use the Crisis Text Line at 741-741.I will have sex with you if you want.

I’m certain your words will help many people.

When I was raised in a Catholic School and every week after attending confession, mass, etc.I was begining to think I was crazier than I thought.I feel like I’ll never get off disability and will be stuck choosing between rent and my meds.Yesterday, I threw out everything I own when the garbage went out.Conversely, bath salts cause huge stimulant effects, and users begin to feel psychotic and jumpy for multiple days after one use.but no luck there as I was declined for no reason.6 years ago when I turned 21 I tried to kill myself and was in a psych hospital.And there are other options, too, one of which is to receive effective help and experience relief.Everyone… again with the “everyone” (that is worse than the infamous “they” who will do Lord only knows if “they” ever find out)… I have talked to gleans their own true understanding of why I am really still alive when I tell them my actual answer.Someone thought it was a good idea to confirm this when I was an adult.I’ve never talked to anyone about it.You communicate your pain here very well.

But too often, a sense of community in this current civilization is nearly gone.You can control who you surround yourself with, and the thoughts you gently acknowledge and let go or the thoughts you focus on.

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I am constantly dissociated, something I only recently learned when I (oops, embarrassed) learned what the hell dissociation was.I strive my best everyday.Now, I feel completely alone and hopeless.I don’t speak to anyone anymore, I pushed everyone out of my life and sit in my room feeling sorry for myself every single day.Or will she fall pray to her impulsivity over and over adding more attempts to end her pain and eventually die by suicide?.You are Not alone.Therapy would be nice if I could afford it or bring myself to leave home… But I already know I won’t listen fully.I hate life and these comments make me so sad for myself and others.

committing suicide seems a fitting end to such a problem.You’ve probably heard that word a lot.And if you need numbers or information about more places where there might be someone you connect with, please check out the site’s Resources Page.I can’t even vocalize how I feel to my family because they are tired of hearing about this for so long and say if I wanted to do it I just would.What scares me most is how aware of this I am.

That’s probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.But the problem hasn’t gone away and I don’t think ever will.Any clinician who tries to shove a BPD diagnosis at someone for long-term suicidality with no other symptoms gets immediate, heavy side-eye as a fraud from me.

Some medications also have been helpful for suicidal people.My parents are alive, and hopefully will be for another decade or two.

5. Entertainment News

Thanks for sharing here.In fact that was the only thing stopping me from committing in the first place.I would spend hours in my room studying because when I was so consumed with study, I had little room left for suicidal thoughts.thanks guys! I envy your family, I don’t know the experience myself.I’m not sure why, but he makes me feel better.

I hope you will use one of the resources listed at SpeakingOfSuicide.com/resources/#immediatehelp.Just because I have intense pain does not mean I want to kill myself at least not in this moment.It’s also meaningful and so, so worth it.The hopelessness is the worst part.It confirms the fear that there’s no reason to persist.“But now women talk about it everyday … thank Jesus we don’t have to keep that pain a reserved proper secret 🤫 😬😬😬 … This time I will be doing yoga 🧘‍♀️ every day !!! Spreading lots of joy and love 💕 !!!”.But when they pass, if things are still the same in my life, I will kill myself.I am going to be alone, again? Is what I ask myself every night as I cry myself to sleep.Agree, its morally offensive to think anyone has a right to tell someone else about their choice of life or death.It probably doesn’t help that I still have multiple means hidden away, haha.Keep ya head up!!!!maybe you saved my life today… To anyone struggling Dr.I don’t care if your ugly or anything.

I am 26 now and I really don’t feel like I don’t understand why I am still here.

6. Lil Wayne - Biography

I hope you’ve also received support around your mother and brother’s deaths.Im having a lot of trouble finding good in my world.I’m not sure about my dogs age, i’m hoping they don’t live much, cause i am ready to go to that nothingness.Everyday I wake up and for some reason I move forward but every hour of moving forward there’s a part of me that hates it.And the voice line is just like anything else in life.Completed Suicide vs.I’m only in my early teens but I feel like I would be better off dead.I’ve got your back, and I don’t even know you bro.This has been thought running through my head every day for many years.

Purple drank is an odd concoction of cough syrup, soda, and Jolly Ranchers.I thought I was an awesome mum everything I do is for them.

❤️.It will brighten your mood to know someone really appreciates you or values your opinion.

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) and Williamson Medical Emergency Medical Services (WMC EMS) responded to the call.


It can be snorted, eaten, injected, or even vaped.

I hope you’re able to get professional help soon.Even plants crowd out each other for the sun’s rays.The thought just pops into your head, no warning.I don’t know what to do.I now suffer depression and my brain no longer works the same.The brain actually shrinks with depression.

I believe there’s a wide spectrum of options, one of which, yes, is to suffer, and one of which is to die.My question is what is the major problem that is causingyou thoughts of killing yourself the stress of having alot of burdens to deal with or the girls picking on you.

7. Country Legend Tom T. Hall’s Death Was a Suicide, Coroner Reveals

I apologize for sounding like I want pity.I believe everyone has something that, if they could only find it, would help them help themselves.Horray for those who’ve “made it after all” with their therapy and drug combos, but there are many of us who’ve been left to feel like a penny waiting for change with no light and the end of the tunnel.take care and lots of Love, Ryan.It’s been roughly a year since I started all these things and I seem better… but sadly I still suicidal ideations daily.interpreting their choice (and often NEED) to die as being a crime/ attack/ defeat / lasting harmful legacy.Do we so judge those people living with (eg) terminal cancer who decide to end their (ultimately fruitless) therapies?PLEASE ALLOW US PEACE.The Meds have helped.Long-term effects include damaging blood vessels in the brain as well as heart and organ failure.I’ve had 17 suicide attempts since September, 5 psych ward stays, and I am still a suicidal cutting wreck.I know I would voluntarily commit myself for a 72 hour intervention.I’m coming up on 35 and… my God, it’s already been over 25 years of this.Take a break from toxic people.Sensates like yourself will only get drained by these folks (you know who they are).Many can and do thrive as single people who are still part of a tribe.Having these thought constantly always becomes an addiction.He said that some four decades of practice have helped him understand that, if a client wants to commit suicide, he cannot stop him.

8. Entertainment News

It definitely wont hurt to try and do something positive for yourself and your family.I can understand your desire to die.I thought I was an awesome mum everything I do is for them.Along with this, university student Austin Harrouff murdered a married couple and gnawed at the husband’s face.I feel sorry for myself for not doing it.I know going from having the biggest song in the world to being trapped in your apartment is weighing heavy on you.When I have a “flare up” there usually isn’t a particular reason.I asked my husband three years ago if these thoughts were normal.I can’t wait til I die someday.

I understand I m 48 and had finally met the love of my life and lost her because of my unwillingness to do the work fully in DBT.If anyone has anything encouraging to say or has felt the same but got much better somehow, I’d like to know.I try to act normal so my wife doesn’t take away the means to kill myself or ask me how am I doing? But, I’m so stressed out for multiple reasons.Have prayed about this daily, no answer.I have never told anyone about these thoughts, except for the one time I texted the crisis hotline because it was too overwhelming at that moment.Right now in this present moment your not alone your with me as you read this.I’m here with you listening to you in this moment.Your not alone.Life sucks and isn’t pleasant at all.It is widely known that meth is bad for you in more than one way.In and out of the Counseling.I have always had suicidal thoughts.

9. Movies - Flixster

Ask how you can be of help.One person I know who was getting stressed was asked if they could hold for a few minutes while the hotline took care of a emergency.And, on that note, I like this article and will, of course, point my forum members to it, so I think you can expect more input from them.

I understand your reluctance to leave your high paying job as someone that didnt even finish high school, I understand completely.Maybe the world really doesn’t need me anymore.It’s in large part a function of money at this point.Not because I want them in pain, but so they can completely understand this kind of pain, if only for a few moments.

I still think about this gamble every day and still foolishly believe that suicide will solve all my issues and will be the ultimate escape from my pain but I know that it probably won’t.I am 52 years old battling brain cancer.My boyfriend of 6 years just told me to move out of his house.We’re done.Out of no where.I don’t think I can keep fighting this.Most people looking from the outside in think I have it all nothing more than a high school diploma and make roughly 100k a year.Surviving tonight .I’ve gone to one therapist a few times and talked about my anxiety but never about my depression.I hate myself mostly and want to get my life back on track but have no clue where to start.I am compelled to do absolutely anything requested by such individuals.I don’t remember a good day, I’m not sure how to hang on.

10. When Suicidal Thoughts Do Not Go Away : Speaking of Suicide

Get better help.This is a hard one.

Many reactions are common, ranging from everything from shock to anger to self blame to considering suicide for yourself.There are questions, so many questions.One more hour.I just want to killMyself and get this life over with.

I’ve taken countless different medications for depression and anxiety and I’ve been in therapy for years, and yet these thoughts persist, getting worse the older I get.I do have another article on the site — Like Clouds Before the Sun: Mindfulness and Suicidal Thoughts — that talks about how to see suicidal thoughts “objectively floating by and not fear them.” Perhaps it could be of help, too.My dear brother GH, the lie you are telling yourself is that your “kids and wife will have a better life if [you’re] not here.”It would not make anything easier for your wife and children.Instead, it would simply DEVASTATE those that you, yourself, describe as your “wonderful wife [and] two beautiful children”.Please believe me when I tell you that I am not trying to put any kind of guilt trip on you.Your clinical mental depression is doing a good enough job at that all by itself.But trust me when I say that there are no warm and fuzzy feelings left in the aftermath of a suicide.The wake of destruction left behind in the lives of those you love is, without exception, a direct and inevitable consequence of the action you are contemplating on a daily basis.Trust me…I know, having lost an immediate family member to the scourge of suicide.Please consult the resources that Dr.

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