How to choose the perfect caravan for your family

How to choose the perfect caravan for your family

Going caravanning with your family is one of the many simple joys in life. You can spend time exploring nature with one another, living a more rustic life for a weekend or two. But not everyone enjoys sleeping in a tent, which is why you should look into investing in a caravan. A caravan still allows you to camp but your family will be able to sleep on comfortable beds without having to worry about a hard floor and camping mattress.

Find out if you qualify for car finance and loans in order to buy a new caravan. You can use car or leisure finance to purchase a caravan, but it will be classed as a luxury vehicle. To check if you qualify for car finance, you can use an online calculator or do some research with terms such as “check my affordability” or “do I qualify for a car loan”. Once you have found this out, it is time to move on to the fun part – choosing a caravan. Below are some top tips on how to choose the perfect caravan for your family.

How will it be used?

Now, this might seem like an obvious question, but caravans are used differently by different people. Some families enjoy going on camping adventures across the country, while others prefer going to a nearby dam and setting up their camp for the weekend.

How the caravan will be used will have an impact on the type of caravan that you use. For example, if you are simply going on weekend jaunts to local dams, game parks and beach campsites, then you should look for a caravan with a leaf-spring suspension (commonly used in cars). But, if you want to head off into the great beyond, a caravan with off-road capabilities is your best bet. Many vehicle financing options will ask about how the caravan will be used, so have a clear idea in your mind.

Think about the layout

Once you have decided on how the caravan will be used, you can think about the layout of the vehicle. If you have a family of four that will be camping together, you should be sure that everyone has their own comfortable bed to sleep in, so look out for a double bunk-bed model.

Many caravans have a lot of built-in storage for added space, allowing you to have a comfortable camping experience. Think about where you would like to have the kitchen and bathroom in relation to the sleeping area, and if there are any extras that would enhance the vehicle. Ask the caravan dealer about the best layout for the size of your family and the type of trips you plan on taking.

What size suits you?

For some people, a small caravan is ideal for their needs. This is especially true if camping is only a weekend hobby and not a permanent lifestyle. But, if you are planning on making caravanning and camping a fixture in your family’s life, then you will need to invest in a larger model.

You will also need to take into account how comfortable you are with driving a larger model around or towing one. If you prefer light travel, a more compact model might be the better option for your needs. Larger caravans can be left as a permanent fixture at some campsites, as they are difficult to drive, but they do provide more space for a larger group of people. Ask your family for help when deciding on what size caravan to choose for your camping adventures and what finance options there are for the different models.

Find out about features

One of the most important aspects of looking for a caravan is to find out about the features that each model offers. Nowadays, many caravans come equipped with electric outlets and appliances, which will make camping easier and more comfortable. But you have to be careful of your electricity usage so it does not run out too quickly.

Check that there are enough power sockets in the caravan’s kitchen for kettles and toasters, and if you want to hook up a television or laptop for your children, ensure there is a plug for that too. Luxury models often have interesting features such as microwaves built-in and even coffee makers. But, with these extra features, your monthly instalments might be higher. If you want to keep it simple, look for a model that has the basics that you can build on with your own appliances.

Camping is cool

Buying a caravan for your family is a positive investment, but it can be tricky to choose one that is right for your needs. Start by thinking about how it will be used. Will you be going on a short weekend trip with the kids, or will you and your family be venturing out for a two-week adventure across the Western Cape? Next, consider the layout and how comfortable it will be for your family when they sleep, eat and relax. The size and features will help you to choose the perfect caravan for whatever trips you decide to take in it.

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