Wedding Reception Venues For Hire – Checklist

Wedding Reception Venues For Hire – Checklist

If you recently got engaged you have probably been thinking about two very important things: your wedding dress and the venue for your wedding reception. Unlike a wedding dress though, a reception venue for your wedding cannot be tailored to suit your needs and hence requires a little more effort to find the best one. Because once you find the right spot, all the other reception details (style, colour, décor, etc.) will fall into place.

Choosing the best location for your reception is not an easy task; a lot of things have to be considered. This often leaves couples feeling overwhelmed which makes them settle for something that does not completely satisfy them. That is why we have created a simple checklist to help make the search as easy and efficient as possible.

First, before we get to the checklist, there are a few things you need to do before you begin the search. These are:

  1. Create a budget. As with every other project, you will need to create a budget. The budget should encompass every aspect of the wedding so that you can know exactly how much money you have available to spend on each item.
  2. Number of people who will be in attendance. You’ll need to estimate (quite accurately) the number of guests that will attend the reception.
  3. Style and theme. It’s a brilliant idea to decide on the style and theme you are looking for before you start the search so that you get a venue that complements your choice.

Once you have done these things, then you can begin the search for the perfect wedding reception venue for you. Here is a list of the most important things to consider:

  1. Of course, you can’t have what you can’t afford, which makes this the most important parameter of all. Make sure you strictly adhere to the budget you made and if you can go lower, the better.
  2. Is the venue available on the date of your wedding? Some venues might have availability information on their websites while others will email you the same upon request. Whatever the case, make sure to confirm this when visiting the site.
  3. Can the venue comfortably fit your guests? This question is best asked at the site. This is because venue operators sometimes stretch their limits to make their venues more attractive to couples. Just because a room can hold 150 people does not mean it should.
  4. Does the layout suit your needs? For example, if the ceremony and reception will be held at the same venue, the layout must be suitable for this.
  5. A location that guests could walk to or use public transportation to get to is ideal as you’ll not have to provide transportation which will save on costs. If people are to drive there, on the other hand, make sure there is ample parking available.
  6. Catering restrictions. Some venues only allow you to use an exclusive caterer – who’s more frequently than not expensive. Ask about this and any other catering restrictions they might have.
  7. The vibe. This is where the style and theme come in. If the venue does not go well with the kind of wedding you had in mind, then it will not be the ideal location for you.

This checklist will help you narrow your options down to just a handful. Make sure you personally visit the shortlisted venues with all the people involved in planning to confirm these details and any others you might need to.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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