How To Shop Smarter This Year (Money Matters)

How To Shop Smarter This Year (Money Matters)

“Honestly, shopping beats therapy, anytime. It costs the same and you get a dress out of it.” –Sophie Kinsella

Oniochalasia (n.) buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation

Filipinos love to shop and as a consequence, they have a unique love affair with their malls.

Whether it is online or physical retail therapy they do, there has never been in any doubt that shopping in the Philippines has evolved to more than just a mere act to acquire items Filipinos need or want. Today, shopping has become akin to a lifestyle. The string of malls in almost every nook and cranny in Metro Manila is a testament to that fact—from Trinoma to Greenbelt; you can find one in almost every corner. Furthermore, shopping malls have become rather elaborate lately. Whereas they were nothing more than mere places for retail before, they have now become an area of interest where Filipinos can hang out. Malls today do not come with just department stores, boutiques and restaurants—today, it comes with a myriad of activities designed to entice the shopper to do business and stay in the mall.

Today, malls are known to be cathedrals and sanctuaries of recreation and family bonding time. This is all well and good, but for the average Filipino who has made it a point to save more this year, it can be quite the dilemma to resist sales and promos. So, if you are in a money saving odyssey, it might bode you well to take a gander at these money saving tips before heading out to the mall:

  • Do not let the store seduce you

Retail stores and boutiques operate in such a way to get consumers to purchase their items. They do this by manipulating our senses in a variety of ways. Some stores may choose to blare rock and roll all day from their speakers, spas may have their stores wafting with relaxing aromas, jewelry stores will invest in halogen lights to point at their watches and necklaces to make it sparkle more than usual—these are just a few of their ploys. Know that the more you linger, the more likely you are going to buy.

  • Know thyself

The truth is every individual has a shopping temperament. There are those who do not usually self-monitor and make purchases based on their preference for a product without regard for social feedback. Then again, there are also individuals who monitor themselves more often and would buy to fit in. Know what kind of shopper you are and you will make smarter purchases if you stick to one shopping temperament.

  • Beware the freebie

More often than not, the freebie is not really free. If you have to spend a certain amount just to get a freebie, it is not a freebie, it is an incentive. In fact, freebies were designed and conceptualized to get a shopper to buy more. Be smarter than that and do not spend more than necessary. Besides, if you are buying more just to get the free item, would it really be considered free at all?

  • Choose shopping partners wisely

It is not uncommon for you to be hitting shopping malls with your coterie of girlfriends. However, while this is an excellent way to spend your weekends, do not let them influence your purchasing practices and buying decisions. Moreover, you should not lose sight of your money saving goal. You may not realize it now, but shopping with a group can leverage how you make your purchases. As an example, if your friends might think that it is okay to splurge an exorbitant of money on a pair of new shoes for a party, you might be more receptive to doing the same. However, if you were shopping alone, you would be less likely to make the same purchase.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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