How to put together your own emergency road kit

How to put together your own emergency road kit

Whether you’re traveling alone or with passengers, during the day or at 3 am, having an emergency kit in your boot is always a great help when finding yourself stranded on the side of the road. You never know when you could be facing a car breakdown, so it’s best to compile a little something for that moment.

An emergency kit is certainly something that every vehicle should have, and yet most of us don’t even carry the basic items in our cars. So, if you can’t buy a pre-packaged emergency kit at your nearest auto retailer, then take the time to gather the necessary items to help you make your own kit.

When assembling your kit, bare in mind that it should be tailored to the age and condition of your vehicle, your driving patterns and the weather. While gathering your items, be sure to take some time to familiarise yourself with these items as you’re probably not 100% sure on how to use them properly. Store all items together in one box or bag so that when you need it, everything is easily accessible and nothing is lost.

Here are just a few items you may want to include in your road kit.

  • Torch

Although you’ll have your smartphone on you, the battery might have died and a mobile torch isn’t always the best help when you’re struggling to fix something. Be sure to have a torch in your kit, with enough extra batteries to last you through your breakdown. This torch can also be used as a signal for help.

  • Jumper cables

Purchase some jumper cables that are suited to the vehicle you own. When the battery cuts out, or you need someone to help jumpstart your engine, jumper cables are your best friend. Not to mention, if ever you see someone on the side of the road struggling, at least you will be able to help.

  • Extra batteries

There is nothing worse than breaking down at night, so make sure that if you do, you’re at least equipped with the right emergency items. Extra batteries always come in handy when you’re traveling with any appliance items that require batteries to operate, like your torch. Make sure that if you do get stuck in the dark, you at least have a light to assist you on the scene.

  • Lighter or matches

Much like any other survival kit, always ensure that you pack some matches or a lighter incase you need to make a fire. Surely you won’t need to sit down and make a fire next to your car, but the point is to always have these items incase you might need a flame.

  • Raincoat or jacket

This might sound strange but being stranded in horrible weather always seems to happen. If this is the case, make sure that you’ve got something extra warm in your car, preferably a raincoat in case you need to get out and service your car in the rain.

  • Portable phone charger or power bank

Something you should always learn to carry around with you is a spare phone charger. And by this I don’t mean an aux cable, but rather a power bank incase your car has cut out. This is important for the times that you will need to make a call. A portable charging bank can make all the difference in your quest for help. There’s nothing worse than being stranded somewhere with no means to communicate or get help.

  • Roadmaps

Sadly, roadmaps have become something of the past, all thanks to the wonderful invention of GPS. As much as this built-in smartphone innovation is helpful, it can also be totally useless if your phone battery is dead or slowly dying. Make sure to purchase a road map at your nearest convenience store, because it will always come in handy. Especially when you’re driving in an area that you are unfamiliar with.

  • Water and oil

When you’re driving long distances, it is usually advised to do an oil and water check before commuting, but often people forget to. Be it your oil light or your car overheating, it is always important to carry some water and a tin of oil in your car for these situations. For many who don’t constantly monitor the state of their car, these two products will matter most when you least expect it.

In conclusion

Having a safe and secure vehicle makes breaking down all the less daunting. If you’re looking to upgrade your safety, try searching for a used VW Polo for sale. They are always reliable cars, and if not, be sure to have your emergency kit in your boot, readily available to assist

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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