How to pack your handbag for a weekend getaway

How to pack your handbag for a weekend getaway

Luxuriating on a warm beach with a clear blue sea lapping gently at the sand sounds like everyone’s idea of heaven. A weekend getaway is exciting, and packing for it should be equally as thrilling… but it can become a chore if you are unsure what to bring with you on your trip.

A large handbag is key, as is a piece from one of the stunning luggage sets that are available for young travellers today. Outlined below are some helpful tips on how to pack your handbag for a weekend getaway.

First things first… bigger is better

You may prefer a compact purse or clutch for your day-to-day life but when you are going on a weekend away, you will most likely need to bring a bigger handbag with you, as well as other luggage to store clothes and necessities.

Your handbag should be able to carry more than just your purse and your cell phone. If you are going to a beach destination, your bag should be able to carry sunscreen, a bottle of water and a novel to read while relaxing on the sand. You could invest in a day bag that doubles as your luggage, if the getaway is short, or look for a large shopper bag in leather that you will be able to use for many trips to come.

Start with the essentials

A large handbag can hold more than usual handbags, allowing you to pack a few key essentials to keep to hand while you are travelling to, in and around your weekend getaway destination. The essentials you should always remember to pack include:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if you are going to a warmer destination
  • A compact umbrella, you never know when it will rain suddenly
  • Hand and nail cream
  • Lip balm or a chapstick
  • A light, fresh-scented travel perfume
  • Red lipstick for a touch of drama at impromptu drinks meetups
  • A scarf, if you are travelling to a colder climate

Once you have the essentials sorted out, you can move onto packing everything else you will need for your trip.

Build your foundation with basics

You will find many smaller suitcases for sale that suit a short weekend getaway, and if you pack just these basics you will be set. Start with a plain white t-shirt and jeans combination which can be dressed up or down depending on what time of day it is.

Another basic essential is a silk or satin camisole, which can be worn with jeans, capris or even a mid-length skirt for exploring the sights. If you are going to be flying to your destination, then remember to wear comfortable pants and a top that can be worn on another occasion on your trip, meaning that you do not have wasted space in your luggage. A pair of neutral wedge heeled shoes can go a long way for trendy day wear, while a little black dress is essential if you know you will be eating dinner at an upper-class restaurant.

Consider what electronics you will need

A large shopper handbag is ideal for storing chargers and other electronic devices, such as tablets or laptops. However, it is important to consider what electronics you will definitely need for your weekend adventure.

If you are going to another country, you will need to be sure that you have power converters and plug adaptors so you can charge your cell phone and laptop. Be sure to pack a charger for your camera, as you will want to document every exciting moment. You should also consider whether you really need a tablet or laptop with you or whether  it will detract from time spent with your friends, family or partner. Be sure to see the scenery with your eye rather than from behind a cell phone or camera lens.

Pack your jewellery carefully

If you plan on bringing jewellery with you on your trip, it is important to avoid bringing family heirloom pieces opting rather for the cheaper costume jewellery that you have. For those who prefer a simpler look, choose a single chain or bracelet in a metal that complements your skin tone.

A travel jewellery box often comes as part of many luggage sets, but it is important to ensure that it is compact enough for your travel needs. If you want to be able to find your jewellery easily when creating an outfit, you could invest in a clear zip-lock bag for easy access or a jewellery pouch if you prefer minimal packing and aesthetics. Your jewellery should not be too showy but it should also not look too ‘fake’, ruining an elegant outfit.

Enjoy the trip

Choosing the right bag for your weekend away is the first step on your packing journey. A bigger handbag will allow you to take more with you and avoid having to take a large amount of luggage. Once you have chosen your bag, you can begin packing the essentials, such as sunscreen and that oh-so-vital red lipstick for the perfect pout. Bring along some basic clothing to form a wide array of possible outfits, and don’t forget to bring along your chargers and other electronic equipment you need with you. Packing for a weekend getaway can be as exciting as the trip itself if you know how to do it!

Authored by: mjones

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