How To Find The Best Driving School

How To Find The Best Driving School

So it’s time to find a driving instructor and with so many driving schools to choose from, you may be tempted to just pick any one.  It is important to do some homework though – not all driving instructors happen to be good ones.  A friend of mine still remembers with horror how her first, very brief driving instructor hollered at her in the literary manner of a fish-wife when she forgot to indicate to turn left.

Before we start with advice on how to go about finding a driving school or an instructor, let’s agree that asking mom or dad to teach you to drive is NOT a good idea.  Bad habits develop over years and years of driving and as you may be setting out to learn to drive, you may have already observed some of the bad habits that your parents have and you may even have learned some of them.  It’s a bad idea!

You need an instructor who is sharp and aims to teach and pass qualified drivers and not certified drivers.  Every country around the world wishes to reduce the rate of accidental death on their roads and you start by choosing the right school to teach you to be a great driver.

The good thing about the grapevine is that the instructors with a bad roadside manner are generally well known so my first tip is to ask around.  Find out who’s recommended and who is not.

Another good tip is to ask at your testing office when you book for your learner’s license.  Ask who is recommended and find the places where they take applicants to the practice yard for parking and manoeuvring.  You can tell just by body language, which instructor is assured and confident in his or her ability to teach driving.  You can spot a screamer very quickly and as most driving schools mark their vehicles with their name and telephone number, you will know which ones to cross off your list.

We use Google and Facebook for everything these days, why not the driving school?  I am not talking about just adverts for driving schools, pick a few driving school names and do your research, check reviews and comments.  Check if there have been any incidents pertaining to the school or a driving student that raises alarms.

When you have found a driving school that you think you are willing to go with, ensure that they are registered with the necessary regulatory body for their region.  Ask for their allocated instructor’s driving credentials and class of license that he/she holds.   Ask also for proof that the vehicles used for training are insured properly.

Ask the driving school to let you have names of happy students that have passed recently so that you can chat to them about the instructor who was allocated to them and their experience with him/her.

It is highly recommended that you assess at leastthree driving schools in this way before deciding on the school that will be taking you out for your lessons.

We are pretty sure that having all these bases covered, you’ll be well on your way to driving on your own very soon.


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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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