How to choose jewellery that will match your face shape

How to choose jewellery that will match your face shape

Ever seen someone wearing a trendy pair of dangly earrings that you would be interested in buying, only to try them on and reconsider? Well, perhaps that might be due to the fact that dangly earrings don’t necessarily suit your face shape. Much like everything else in life, your body shape, skin tone and face shape could play a role in what you can or can’t wear. Before you can start searching for the perfect pair of earrings or necklace, you need to identify the type of face shape that you have.

With such a variety of helpful online tips and trends, dressing for your body and face shape has never been easier. Make the most of these tips to find ideas that could inspire your style. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference accessories and jewellery can make to the shape of your face. So, explore the different face shapes and options at chain jewellery stores to find something best suited for you.

These are the most common face shapes:


  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Pear-shaped or triangular
  • Heart-shaped

Here are a few helpful tips to choose jewellery that will suit your face:


  • Oval shapes

You can identify an oval shaped face by looking at the widest area on your face. Usually, with an oval shape, it’s widest at the top around the forehead and then it flows down into a curved chin. This face type is known to look wonderful with any kind of jewellery, however, short and medium length earrings are the more suitable options. The reason for this is that smaller items leave more room to highlight your features.


  • Round faces


Many people easily get confused between an oval shaped face and a round shaped face. While they have very similar features, the only difference is that a round face is equally wide as it is long. Instead of having a triangular jaw line, a round face is curved. Often times, jewellery alone can disguise the roundness. So, some jewellery to consider include large hoops or dangly earrings that extend quite low. A necklace will also draw attention away from the face, focusing on the neckline more than the face.


  • Square faces


With a square face, your forehead, cheeks and jawline are usually the same widths. When it comes to accessorising around this seemingly harsh face shape, you should choose jewellery that softens your angles and draws attention away from your face. For example, oval hoop earrings and a single pearl necklace. Do not wear short necklaces, such as chokers, as this will cut your neck, forcing people to focus on your face shape. Keep your necklace choices dainty and loose.


  • Rectangular faces


Much like an oval face, you will need to wear jewellery that plays down the length on the sides of your face. So, one of the ways to do that is by wearing a short necklace that sits high up on your neck so that people can focus on that when they look at you. The same goes for earrings, keep everything short and bold, without allowing anything to drop down to your jawline which will simply emphasise your long face.


  • Pear-shaped or triangular faces


A pear and triangular face is one and the same. It can be identified as the shape where the forehead and brow are narrower than the jawline and chin. However, the shape tapers in towards the cheekbones. With this type of face shape, it’s best to wear jewellery that puts emphasis on the neckline rather than on your actual face. This will soften your chin and make it appear the same size as the rest of your face.


  • Heart-shaped faces


The heart-shaped face is directly the opposite of the pear-shaped face. Put simply, your forehead and cheeks are the widest areas of your face, which then slim down into a sharper jawline and chin. Again, try and wear more chunky necklaces to create a focus on the chin and neck area of your face. If you are going to be wearing earrings, opt for dangly earrings. Smaller earrings will not do your face any justice.

Final words

Based on the above, these tips will give you a better understanding of the type of facial areas you should be focusing on. There are several chain jewellery stores that specialise in different accessories, so speak to a professional in-store to help guide you on your purchase. If you’re unsure of the face shape you have, play around and experiment with the different kinds of earrings and necklaces from jewellery accessory stores or jewellers in Cape Town, South Africa, to see what is best suited to your face.

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