Top tips on how to buy used agricultural equipment

Top tips on how to buy used agricultural equipment

Buying equipment for your farm does not have to be difficult or expensive. You can choose to buy used machinery that will still perform on the same level as its new counterparts. Used farming equipment might cost you less but this does not mean that it is of a lower quality.


In fact, you might find an affordable tractor that is an older model but more reliable than a new one. If you are looking to buy used agricultural equipment, then read on below for some top tips on how to find something to suit your needs.

Determine your needs

Determining what you need is an effective first step to take. This will help you to decide on what size of agricultural equipment you need as well as what equipment is necessary. If you need a tractor, think about how large your land is and opt for one that is a little bigger.

This will give you more power and a bigger tractor to perform the duties you need. If you need a feed mixer, look for a one that is made for your specific needs. Speed and efficiency are ideal traits for a feed mixer, as well as the load-bearing ability. Ask the seller what volume of feed it can take before making a decision, as you might need a larger one for the future.

Focus on the features

You will need to be sure that the product you are buying has all of the features you need. Used agricultural equipment can have all the features you need or it can be very basic and in need of a tune-up.


You will need to make a list of all the features that are important to you, such as the comfort of the driving seat, the length or the wheel axle and so forth. If you find that the machinery is missing a feature that is important to you, you will need to look at another option. Used equipment offers the ability to add and remove features with ease, without you having to worry about breaking a warranty.

Do your homework

Before you go out to any private sellers or used agricultural equipment dealers, you will need to do your homework on the value of the machinery. Tractors for sale in South Africa vary greatly in price, so you will need to find out what the best option is for your needs.


You should look at the asking price for the machinery and compare this to the retail value and what is being paid at auction for the same piece. This way you will have a better idea of whether or not you are paying a reasonable price. You can go online and research agricultural equipment prices, or you can go to different dealers and auction houses to find out what their asking prices are.

Overall appearance counts

When looking at used farming equipment, one of the first things you need to look at is the overall appearance. If it is well looked after and looks new despite its age, then the equipment will operate well and will likely have little to no issues.


You will need to perform a thorough check, however, to be sure that the rust has not been spot-painted to cover it up. You should also ask where the equipment has been kept. A tractor that has been kept in a garage or shed will be in much better condition than one that has been kept outdoors. Be sure to check the condition of the interior too, as you might need to reupholster an old or broken driver’s seat.

Inspect it for wear and tear

Inspecting the equipment is a vital part of any buying process. This is especially true if you are buying used agricultural equipment, as you will need to see if there is any wear and tear that needs to be fixed. The inspection should include the following:


  • The body, tires and overall appearance
  • The articulation points
  • The engine Compartment
  • The cab
  • The power take off shaft
  • The hydraulics


An inspection will tell you what condition the equipment is in and will help with any decisions you make about buying it.

Final thoughts

Buying used agricultural equipment is a cost-effective way to update your farm. You will be able to find the exact make and model of a tractor that you have been wanting, and you will pay a lot less for it.


However, you will need to do your homework before going out to any sellers and determine your exact needs. Inspect the equipment and take into account that the overall appearance will have an effect on how the machinery performs. Ask the seller for all of the relevant documents, including a detailed repair and service history. This will tell you what damage there might be internally and how well the machinery was cared for.

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