How to make your office smell good and fresh

How to make your office smell good and fresh

Does your office smell good or putrid? Unpleasant odours at the office can affect the mood, behaviour and work performance of employees. Your sense of smell can be closely linked to your memories and emotions. What do you think of when you smell freshly cut grass? Or chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven?

A simple scent can completely change your mindset and remind you of joyful or unpleasant memories. So learning how to make your office smell good is quite an important task. It’ll likely influence the morale of your coworkers, the way others perceive your company.

Depending on how and for what you use your office, there could be different layers of dirt that need to be tackled. So assess your mess and see which of the tips below work best for you.

Always keep it clean

This is one of the most obvious ones. If your office isn’t clean or you don’t clean it regularly, you can’t expect it to smell good and fresh. Have a chat with your cleaning team and ask them to focus more on specific areas. If you don’t have a cleaning team, you could hire a janitorial service to regularly take out the rubbish. They’ll also vacuum, mop, wipe down surfaces, clean windows, deep-clean floors and more. You won’t have to worry about scheduling these tasks into your workday. Having a chat with your cleaning team or hiring a janitorial service can make you feel confident that your office is thorough, frequently and professionally cleaned.

Open windows when possible

When the weather is mild and pleasant, take advantage of it. The best way to get the old air to move out is to open the windows and let new fresh air in. Just a few minutes of having the windows open can help the office smell clean and fresh. It’ll also air out space and eliminate lingering odours. It’s especially important if your office often smells stale and musty. An office contains many people, so it’ll naturally become stuffy. Open the windows at least once a day as it’s an easy way to freshen up the office. A breath of fresh air can work wonders and you’ll soon notice you’re working better when the windows are open.

Turn your focus to the bathrooms

If there’s any part of your office that’ll smell bad, it’ll probably be the bathroom. It’s best to review the cleaning process for bathrooms with your janitorial team. That way you can be sure they’re cleaning the entire space properly. You could also consider investing in beautifully fragrant hand soaps, oil diffusers, plug-in scented oils and a bathroom spray. If you don’t use a specific air freshener yet, you should check out Airoma’s Essence Range. They have a vast range of options, from lovely aerosol fragrances to effective odour control. Because you’re in an office, you should make sure to choose a light and inoffensive fragrance only. Your coworkers won’t appreciate a scent overload every time they use the restroom.

What about the canteen?

After the bathroom, you should shift your focus on eliminating odours in the cafeteria. Make sure your cleaning team or janitorial service frequently takes out the rubbish. It’s also best to create rules about how long items should be kept in the refrigerator. You could implement days where you’ll clean out the fridge. That way someone’s forgotten lunch won’t rot and mould in the back of the fridge. If you haven’t yet, ask employees to eat their meals in the canteen. It’s especially important if some employees frequently enjoy scent-heavy foods like fish and curry.

Add pleasant but mild scents

Because you’re working in an office with different people and not at home opt for an oil diffuser or a plug-in air freshener with a pleasant and light scent. Before you buy and use these items, you should ask your coworkers if they mind. And if they have allergies or get headaches when they’re near strong scents, you may need to adjust your approach.

A fresh bunch of flowers is also a good idea to make your office smell clean and fresh. They not only add a nice scent but also create a pleasant environment for staff and visitors. And if you want to invest in a plant that’ll last longer than flowers, an indoor palm tree is recommended because it’ purifies the air.

If you’re thinking how to make your office smell delightful and not disgusting, it’s best to focus on eliminating odours as opposed to adding new smells. So go for a fresh, clean and mild scent that won’t bother employees or scare off clients.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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