How to use your bed as an interior decorating tool

How to use your bed as an interior decorating tool

When you have a small bedroom or are just moving in and not sure what you want the “theme” of your bedroom to be, you need to maximise your bed as the interior decorating tool it is. Every bedroom needs to have a bed, right? So by using your bed to decorate your bedroom, you won’t be taking up any extra space – which is perfect for a smaller bedroom.

Who knew that all you really needed to decorate your entire room was your bed? Well, we did. And we’re about to share our interior designer insight as to how you can achieve multiple looks by simply dressing up or dressing down your bed.   

Duvet covers

Your duvet covers take up the most surface area of your bed. That means that whatever colour, material or design they have, it will be the main feature of the bedroom. For this reason, some people choose to buy duvet covers available for sale that have murals, busy patterns or distinctive designs on them. With those types of covers, you won’t really need any other decorations as it will probably clash with your bedding set.

The option on the other end of the bright colour scale is to choose a plain white duvet set. Now, you might think it’s boring, dull or too “hotel room” not “homey room” design to have crisp white sheets on your bed, but you’re wrong.

With a busy pattern or even a solid-coloured duvet set, you’re limiting your colour palette and possible combinations that can be brought in with throws and other bed-based decorative items. But with white duvet sets, you have a blank canvas that is complementary to any other colour, texture or design you want to bring into your bedroom.

Pillows and cushions

The following tips work best with a “blank canvas” duvet set but can be applied to solid colour and patterned duvet sets as well (just be sure to choose complementary cushions).

The ultimate question many homeowners find themselves asking is “is there such a thing as too many pillows on a bed?”. And the answer is based on personal preference. But when you think of it in terms of how many times you’ll be taking pillows off only to rearrange them a few hours later… then the answer is yes, you can have too many pillows.  

But we understand the need for pillows and cushions. When you find king size pillows for sale on South African home store websites, you’ll want to “add to cart” and have the continentals supporting your regular pillows while they, in turn, support your throw cushions.

Using pillows and cushions to layer and create texture on your bed is another of the bed’s interior decorating abilities, and it’s highly effective. Be careful not to make the making of your bed too daunting of a task, otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose of decorating it in the first place. It should still be relatively simple to remove and replace pillows as you get in and out of your bed every day.

Throw blankets

If you hold off on the very many throw cushions, you’ll leave yourself some space at the foot of your bed to have a throw blanket. These can tie in with the two or three throw cushions you do have.

Throw blankets are practical and decorative in this way, and is another easy way to incorporate patterns, colour and texture on a plain canvas. Also, when you choose to have plain white bedding sets, you can easily change the colour and theme of your room through your throw pillows and blankets to create a new look and feel.   


At this point, we’ve made the most possible use of your bed’s surface area. It’s time to turn to the space immediately available to your bed, even most small bedrooms can afford to use these spaces.

The first space is the wall that our bed is up against. Some people choose to have a mural on the wall space above their bed, but that’s not exactly versatile in terms of interior décor trends. A headboard, however, will only take up a few extra centimetres in your bedroom and can easily complete the look of your bed as a solid (no longer freestanding) structure.


The second immediate space from your bed is your floor. If you want to add more décor through your bed, you can place it on a rug and have parts of the rug showing from the sides. This will add to the size of your bed, making it seem larger, and it will save your feet from a cold floor in the mornings.

Headboards and rugs come in a variety of colours and designs as well so be sure to choose the ones that complement the colour scheme or adds to the blank canvas theme. And that’s how your bed can be used to decorate your entire bedroom.

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Authored by: mjones

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