How to tastefully achieve the maximalism trend in your home

How to tastefully achieve the maximalism trend in your home

When it comes to interior design, minimalism has always been a trend. But now we have maximalism as a rising interior design trend for 2018 that is hitting homes around the world. And it’s beautiful.

What is maximalism exactly? Well, it is the opposite of minimalism in which the goal is to combine complementary but completely different patterns, textures and colours in a single living space. Maximalism is not clutter, although it can easily be interpreted as such. Every item serves a purpose and it’s an opportunity for the homeowner to truly express their design style in its entirety.

Naturally, there is a right and wrong way to go about maximalism in your home. You want it to come across as tasteful and stylish, not as one chaotic mess. So, it’s time to adopt a “more is more” strategy with your home décor and achieve maximalism.

It’s all about the layers

The trick to achieving maximalism is to decorate in layers right from the ground up. This means you will be incorporating maximalism from your carpet to your wallpapers and lighting fixtures. Every piece of furniture and décor will be layered in their boldness to create a maximalist living space.

Use your walls as the base of the room by choosing a bold colour or pattern that will then be accented and complemented through the rest of the room’s elements. Then “maxing out” the room is as simple as adding throw pillows, decorating your shelves, putting up bold curtains, hanging art on the walls and using different textures to layer your maximalist look.

The following tips will provide more detail on how to go about layering and perfecting maximalism in your home. And that is through contrast, textures, patterns and art pieces.

Count on contrast

While there should be a traceable main colour in the room, maximalism wouldn’t be at its best without contrasting colours to add to the room. Whichever colours you choose for your maximalist room, bold is how you’re going to achieve it.

Don’t be scared to go with dark colours in your room, navy, maroon, dark emerald or even black. And contrast the bold dark with a striking light colour to further highlight your base colour and add to the layers of the room. If the colours are complementary and you stay true to your base colour scheme, you can’t go wrong.

Toy with textures

Choosing maximalism as your interior décor style means that you get to have fun when picking out pieces for your living space. You can have shiny, matte, fluffy, sheer, cotton, mirrored, sequenced, woven, wooden, leather or glass textures in one space if that’s what you want. With the colours of the throw pillows, curtains, blankets and furniture you’ll link it to the base of the room, but the variety of textures will help you achieve maximalism in no time.

Play with patterns

Going hand-in-hand with textures and patterns is another décor element for you to play and have fun with. Geometric, artistic, simple, condensed, spaced-out or detailed patterns can be incorporated in this room through throw pillows, rugs, wallpaper or even your couch covers.

If your maximalist room is your living room, for example, then using your lounge suite as an anchor in terms of décor isn’t a bad idea as it’s a solid feature of the room. And there are a wide variety of patterned couch covers available in South Africa that you can buy and use in addition to your maximalist style. Also, it would add to the room’s textures and double as a couch protector which is a bonus in keeping your living room in great condition.

All about art

If you want a simple way of easing into this grand décor style, then you can start by creating a wall of art. Maximalism itself is an art form, but a room hasn’t achieved the maximalist style until it has works of art on the walls. A variety of paintings of all sizes should take up most of your wall or walls. Be bold in your colour choices and don’t hesitate to bring different art styles together. Artwork is another way of bringing in different textures and patterns and, therefore, belong on the walls of your maximalist room. Art is the cherry on top of your bold but beautiful room.

It’s almost impossible to achieve the complete maximalist look overnight (if it’s even possible for a maximalist look to ever be complete). It will take small additions that build over time to create the interior design style you’re going for. Start with the main features such as your wallpapers and your couch covers, then slowly start building it up from there.

Maximalism is a daring trend but rewarding when done right. And it’s never too late to start.

Authored by: mjones

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