How to refurbish your furniture

The best part about moving into your own home is that you get to decorate it and fill it with beautiful furniture. But, after a few years, that furniture feels the wear and tear of children, pets and constant use. And, unfortunately, we can’t always afford to buy brand new furniture to replace the old ones every time.

Luckily, there are easy and affordable ways to refurbish your furniture and give it a new look at less than half the price it would have cost you to look for something new.

Grab a paintbrush

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to an item of furniture. More than that, you can use paint, a paintbrush and some time to completely change the look of your furniture. Take a coffee table for example. The paint on these tables tends to chip when everyone decides that it’s the perfect footrest and their shoes scuff the paint.

But that’s just an opportunity to get creative and paint the entire table in a vintage, feathered, style. You can easily do this by painting the entire table and then taking a piece of sandpaper and lightly texture different areas of it. Now the “scuffed” look is on purpose and consistent all around.

You can also choose to paint your furniture a completely different colour if you’re looking to change the colour scheme of the room but can’t afford to buy new furniture to match. It takes more time and effort than simply buying something else, but it’s more affordable and it allows you to keep the furniture you love.

And painting furniture isn’t limited to steel and wood, you can buy leather paint for your couches as well.

Covers for everything

Another option that might cost a little but not a lot of money is to get covers for everything. Sofa covers are there to protect the couch and keep it in great condition. Couch covers help with the durability of your couches’ original material and finish and are necessary if ever there are kids or animals running around. Find yourself couch cover sets for sale that are in line with the colour scheme of your living room and that will be a natural fit for your couches.

The same goes for your cushions. It’s not necessary to buy new scatter cushions every time you change your mind about the colours you want in your living room. All you need to do is buy the cushion covers you like and replace them as your moods change. You can even go to a fabric store, pick out the material you like and make your own cushion covers. Covers are definitely an affordable and easy way to refurbish and revamp your home’s look.

Layers and more layers

If you’re looking to cover up a missing stitch, tear or stain on a piece of furniture that is otherwise perfect, layers are a viable option. Throw cushions and blankets serve as décor, disguise and something cosy for the couch.

And the layered look is in style at the moment for both fashion and interior design. You could even drape some fairy lights to distract from a damaged headboard, for example. The options are endless and your bedrooms and living room will be boho-chic.

Treatment care

There’s a reason why varnish and leather treatment exist. And you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes to re-varnish or treat your leather couches every couple of months. The treatment works to preserve the materials’ properties as well as enhance its features to make it look the same as when you first bought it.

So if your side-tables and couches are looking a bit sad, all they need is a little time for TLC. Nothing lasts forever but with treatment care, they can last for many years and stay in good condition.  

Re-stuff your cushions

A trick with couches that are losing their “pouf” is to simply buy more stuffing material and re-stuff them. It happens over years of being used and having people sit, lie and climb on them so there’s not much you can really do to prevent it. But when the pillow and couch covers start sagging and there are noticeable dents in certain areas of the couch cushion, it’s time for re-stuffing. All you need to do is buy some compressed polyester, unzip the couch cushion cover and stuff it in there. Make sure you distribute it evenly so that it doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable.  

When your furniture starts showing signs of wear, it’s not the end or a reason to go digging for gold in order to buy a new one. It just means you need to take some time and affordable resources to spruce it up again.

Photo by Wicker Paradise

Authored by: mjones

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