How to pack bedding when moving house

How to pack bedding when moving house

When you are moving house, you have to be sure that everything is packed correctly. Your bedding should not be creased or damaged when you unpack in your new home, as this will cause undue stress and will cost you money. But, not all of us know excatly how to pack linens and bedding effectively.

Start by packing up your kids bedding, as it is smaller and easier to practise on. Many kids bedding sets are available in a plastic or material bag, so you can simply fold it neatly and pack it like this. But some kids bedding in South Africa is sold in separate pieces, which can be tricky to pack away to save space. If you are moving house and are wondering how to pack your bedding, below are some top tips and tricks to follow.

Air it out and wash it first

The very first step you will need to take is to wash and air out your bedding before folding it. This is true of bedding that you use regularly and bedding that is seasonal. Mould, moisture and insects can destroy bedding that is not aired, which can be disastrous for natural linens and for your wallet.

Choose a hot, sunny day with a breeze and hang your bedding outside for an hour after washing it with the appropriate cycle, making sure to turn it over so the other side is facing the sun after 30 minutes. Sunlight helps to kill mites and other bacteria that might be on the fabric. After an hour, bring your bedding inside and lay it flat on your bed, being careful not to fold it. Only fold it when you are sure it smells fresh and has dried completely.

Prepare the boxes

You might think that simply folding your bedding and placing it in a plastic bag will do the trick, but this could cause condensation on a hot day and cause damage to your delicate linens. It is better to place your bedding in boxes lined with parchment, baking paper, or even tissue paper.

You can look for spare cardboard boxes that you have not used yet and line them carefully with the paper. Make sure that the boxes are not damp and have not been in contact with any mould or moisture. Stick the paper down with masking tape, leaving enough free to fold down over the top of the bedding. If you want your linens to smell fresh, you could also use scented drawer liners to line the box.

Fold the bedding

After preparing the boxes, you will need to fold the bedding. It is best to start with the sheets, which can be tricky but are the smallest item so can sit at the bottom of the box. If you have fitted sheets, start by draping the sheet over your hands, making sure that the two top corners are inside out and each hand is holding a top corner.

Fold it vertically by flipping the right over the left, creating much-needed pockets for folding. Tuck the elastic corners into each other in order to keep the sheet in place. Fold the sheet in half again lengthwise, ensuring that you bring the opposite sides together. Repeat the corner tucking. You will now have a neatly folded sheet, perfect for being the bottom layer in the linen box.

Be intelligent with layers

Once you have folded your bedding, you will need to think about packing it. It is a good idea to start your layers with the smallest items first, as they can provide a cushioning for the larger items. You should also have separate boxes for summer and winter items, making your layers easier to create.

Pillowcases can be used to keep dishes and fragile items safe, unless they are made from 100 percent cotton, then they should be folded neatly and kept with the other bedding. Place thin blankets and quilts on top of the sheets and top these with the heavier comforters and duvet covers. Be sure to place tissue paper or lining between each item in order to maintain their freshness. If you want to go one level further, you could vacuum-pack bedding sets to maximise space and keep them crisp for the move.

Beautiful bedding for your new home

Packing your bedding correctly will save you both time and money. You will not have to spend hours trying to refresh it after a long move, and nothing will be damaged. If you start by washing and airing out the linen, it will be fresh and clean when you unpack it.

Line your boxes with scented paper for extra freshness and remember to fold the bedding correctly. Layer it up in an intelligent manner and your old bedding will be as fresh as new ones when you move into your new home.

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