How to move house in an organised fashion

How to move house in an organised fashion

Moving out of your home into a new house comes with a variety of stresses. Change is scary, but it’s also necessary and good will come of it. There are a few things you can do to make the entire moving process a slightly less stressful one by keeping it organised and controlled.

The sooner you can stop unpacking boxes and start settling in, the sooner you’ll stop doubting whether you made the right move or not (pardon the pun). Packing up your life doesn’t have to be difficult and neither does trying to make it all fit in a new space. Follow our tips on how to move house in an organised fashion and you’ll be able to maintain your sanity through it all.

Know the new measurements

When you’re viewing the new house you’re set on renting or buying, you need to take in a few key details. Like, what is included and what are the dimensions of the windows, rooms and living space overall.

Windows are a priority measurement as you’re going to need to put up your curtains or blinds as soon as you move in. It’s unsettling to move into a new place that you’re already not 100% comfortable in just yet and have no curtains to close to the curious world outside. For privacy and some form of comfort, make sure you have the measurements of the windows and put your curtains up as soon as they’re unpacked.

The next thing you need to already have are measurements of when you go to view the house are of your furniture and appliances. Then, as you walk around the house, you can get a good idea of whether the items you currently own are going to work in this new space or not. This will save you from struggling to, firstly, find a way to get all your furniture inside the place and, secondly, not have anywhere to put it. You’ll be giving yourself enough time to sell what won’t work and buy something new that will… which leads us to the next moving tip.

Lose some old house-weight

Regardless of whether everything you own will have a place in the new house, you still need to lose some house weight. Moving is an opportunity to get rid of clutter and anything that never really served a functional or decorative purpose in your home. It’s also an opportunity to make some money off of those things.

You may not want to accept the fact that you’ll need to say goodbye to some of your belongings just yet, but once you start packing everything up, you’ll be happy to part with it all. Join a classifieds group on Facebook or sign up for an online classifieds website. Register your items, take clear and accurate photographs of the items you want to sell, write a small description, set your price (add whether you’re willing to negotiate or not), publish the listing and wait for people to contact you. You want to give yourself enough time to sell everything before the move, otherwise, you could always donate the rest to charity.

You can even see this as an opportunity to browse for beautiful bedding South African stores offer and replace the old bedding sets with new ones. Your justification is that it’s a new space deserving of a few new additions, out with the old and in with the new if you will. And it’s important to be happy and comfortable with your bedroom because you’ll spend most of your time there. And, of all the new things you could buy, bedding is the affordable option.

Don’t do it alone

If this is your first move out of your parent’s house, you probably don’t have a huge task ahead of you and a few trips with a trailer will be enough to get all your things moved over. But if this is a family moving from one place to another, you’re going to need a bit more help than that.

Save yourself the grey hairs and spend a bit more on hiring a professional moving company. You’ll save your money by getting rid of old house-weight and not having to hire more than one truck to carry everything. They’ll also help you place everything into the new house, so be ready with specific placement instructions to make sure you don’t have to correct anything when they leave.

And, of course, you need to get the entire household, close family and friends to help you out as well. The more hands, the quicker everything will go and you’ll be box-free in your new house in no time. On that note, do your best to make sure everything is unpacked as soon as possible so that you don’t end up living out of boxes for months. If that is the case, you clearly don’t need what’s in those boxes and can sell those items for extra cash (that can go towards your new bedding sets perhaps?).

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