How To Get Rid Of Rodents

How To Get Rid Of Rodents

Rodents are not cute. They are dangerous tiny threats to the home and can affect your health because they carry bacteria that cause diseases. Most notably, the rodent brought the plague to Europe and wiped out a third of the population. A person doesn’t have to actually touch a rodent to get sick, but anything that is contaminated with rodent waste can easily seep in our water and food. Rodents canchew through a lot things including drywall, wires, and insulation to cause damage in the home and attract other rodents that result in infestation.

First, to prevent rodents of even getting in, have the home cleaned up. From corner to corner, have everything tidy so there is no place for rodents to hide and don’t leave any food crumbs on the floor for them to nibble on. Go in between the cushions on couches, dump any old pieces or wood, and secure the trash bin. Cleaning the home will help keep rodents away. Have all food safely put away and not out in the open on the counters; it is easy to not completely clean off the crumbs on top, so wide it all down and do so often. Vacuum and wipe up everything else and then do the following tp prevent or catch any rodents from sneaking in. Even worse, there may be a dead rodent already inside that attracts other rats and disease.

A mouse trap is the common way to getting rid of rodents, whether through the harsh metal snap or through the small electrical form. However, mouse traps are always dissuaded to use because of the blood and remains that comes out and that itself spreads disease. Mothballs, while a bit toxic, are a cheap way to get rid of rodents by place several of them in the areas where they hide, such as the attic, in pipes, the garage, and the basement. Rat poison has the mix of chemicals produced to make an effective rat killer, but are very dangerous to use and is discouraged as well. There is natural rodent repellent, where certain oils and homemade mixes that are not poisonous can be made and soaked in cotton balls.

Rodents like to live in places that give them protection plus access to food and water. Any place in the home that has even a sample of it will do just fine. Getting rid of rodents is annoying and time consuming, but if there’s a problem, it cannot be ignored. If there are signs of rodents in the home, take action before they come and make things worse. There are different ways to getting rid of rodents and it takes a bit of patience to get it right. Make sure all of the weak spots are covered up; it is easy to miss spots and find the rodent still roaming the home. Get rid of them and stay safe.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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