How to furnish a small nursery space

How to furnish a small nursery space

Furnishing a nursery is a lot of fun. You can create the perfect space for your little bundle of joy, making it as fun and funky or modern and chic as you like. But, it can be tricky to decorate a space that is smaller than other rooms. You will have to use your creativity for this, and a little bit of ingenuity.

You will need to have room for baby essentials such as blankets, nappies and bottles. These baby accessories could be stored on floating shelves or in raised cabinets to make room for more floor and activity space. Colour-wise, be sure to choose something that does not make the room feel too crowded or cluttered. Still unsure where to start? Read on below for some top tips on how to furnish a small nursery space.

Make it miniature

Babies do not need to have huge furniture, so you can look for miniature or smaller baby things for the room. For example, you could look for a miniature crib for your small nursery. Miniature does not mean that your baby will not fit into it, simply that it is not too wide or too tall for the room.

Be sure that any baby mink blankets will fit into the crib during the cooler weather and that there is enough breathing space for warmer weather. If you want to get a larger crib, you could look for a miniature set of storage drawers for the essentials or a small cupboard for toys and clothes. Choose sturdy furniture and be sure it will not break easily when you use it.

Opt for a light colour palette

You might want to paint the room in bright, zany colours, but, for a smaller space, this might not be a good idea. Instead, you should opt for a light colour palette or pastel shades to make the room look and feel bigger than what it is.

You could choose pastel blue with linens and furniture in navy to complement it or light lavender with plum accents. This way, the room will still be visually pleasing without feeling small and cluttered. If you want to keep it modern, opt for warm off-white walls and pops of muted colours so the room feels spacious.

More than one function

When looking for furniture, be sure that you look for options that have more than one function. For example, a nappy changing station that doubles as storage for baby gear, linens and toys. Or you could use an ottoman under your chair in the room to store toys when the baby is sleeping.

If there is no room for a changing station, you can opt for an over-the-cot changer. You place it over the top of your cot, and it allows you to change their nappy easily without taking up any extra space in the room. Your changing table could double as space for a baby monitor or baby bath too. By using furniture that has more than one function, you will have more storage space and you will be able to keep the room neat and tidy with ease.

Think vertically

Vertical storage space is perfect for a small nursery room. You should invest in some floating shelves for storing powder, baby bum cream, toys and even diapers. You could also use this space to store things such as books and toys they will only use when they are older and able to play and read.

A highly effective way to store toys, baby clothes or a diaper bag is to install wall hooks to hang net bags on them. This way, you will be able to see what is in the bag you have hung up. Be sure to place the hook at a height that your baby will not be able to reach easily but which is in a useful area. Paint the floating shelves in the same colour as your walls so that it gives a seamless and uncluttered look.

Let there be light

In a small nursery, it is important to let in natural light. This is because the room will look and feel much larger than what it is and will allow your baby to develop a healthy circadian rhythm. Having a window that lets in light (but with a curtain that blocks it out) will allow them to wake and sleep naturally according to the sun.

You should also ensure that you have task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting in the room. Task lighting can be in the form of a ceiling light or recessed lights in the ceiling, accent lighting could be in the form of a wall or floor lamp and the ambient should be a desk lamp with a warm white bulb. Having enough lighting in a small space is vital for making it comfortable and for setting the right mood at the right time.

Baby knows best

Your decor should be chosen to suit your baby and to make them happy. Try not to visually overwhelm them with a bright colour and choose a light colour palette. Look for small furniture to fit into a small room and look for options that have more than one function. Use vertical space for storage and ensure that the lighting is just right. By using this baby checklist, soon you will have the perfect nursery for your new bundle of joy.


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