How to “feng shui” any room

How to “feng shui” any room

Organising and decorating your home can be both fun and confusing. You might not know exactly where to place your furniture for a good flow or you might be placing indoor plants in areas that are not conducive to their optimal growth. You can remedy these mistakes by applying “feng shui” to your decorating ideas.

Feng Shui is thought to be “the art of placement: understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life in various areas of experience”. By using feng shui when decorating or furnishing any room, you will find that it immediately makes the space feel better and easier to navigate. It will also have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. So, if you are intrigued with the idea of feng shui, read on below for top tips on how to implement it in any room in your home.

Consider function

Before you go off and search for furniture on online shopping sites, you will need to consider how you use the room. For example, you will need to look at how you make use of your living room. Ask yourself what activities will be taking place in the room, such as leisure activities, parties or being a space for guests to sleep in.

Understanding the function of the room will help to dictate how much furniture and what type of furniture you will need to put in the room. For good feng shui, it is best to make sure that the flow of movement to and around the furniture is unobstructed and accessible for everyone. No living room is complete without a couch and, in order to “feng shui” the room, place the couch in a commanding, easy-to-access position.

Think about colour

Colour is an important aspect of feng shui. For example, if your common space faces south, it is best to choose warm colours such as reds, red-oranges, yellows or even pinks and purples. This relates to the Bagua map method, which involves knowing which areas of your home apply to which aspects of your life, for example, your home office applying to the “wealth” aspects of your life.

You do not have to paint your entire room in these colours, but can use pops of colour to balance out the room. You will still reap the benefits of these colours, even if your entire room is not painted in them. If you have a neutral or beige wall, you could choose to have colourful cushions, throws or wall art to add visual interest. But be sure to choose the colours that relate to the feng shui or Bagua map of the room.

Air quality is important

Feng means “wind” and shui means “water”, so it makes sense that the quality of the air in a room is an important aspect of this decorating trend. You should make sure that all windows in the rooms can be opened easily, in order to provide fresh air. If this is not possible, then you could look into an air purifier to do the same function.

You cannot have good feng shui if the air that you breathe is full of pollutants. If you want a pleasant scent in the room, you can use essential oils, but you will need to be sure that they are actual essential oils and not fragrance oils as these can be toxic. Fresh air is important in any room where people spend a large amount of time, so be sure that all common areas have windows that can be opened easily.

Clear out the clutter

Feng shui is all about ease of movement and how a space affects you. So, having a cluttered room can damage your feng shui (and it can look quite unpleasant to the eye). You should make a concerted effort to declutter any rooms, especially spaces where you spend the majority of your time.

Look for online shopping sites selling simple storage solutions and use this storage to keep your house neat and tidy. Live by the rule of if you do not need, use or love the item, you should let it go. This might seem difficult to do at first, but once you start to get rid of unnecessary clutter, you will find your house looking lighter and brighter, and your mood lifting and becoming more productive.

Funky feng shui

Decorating your home in the feng shui manner does not mean that your rooms have to be stark and minimalistic. You can choose to have accessories, such as one of the many modern wall clocks in South Africa, as long as the accessories fit with the flow of your home. You will need to consider the function of the room, think about the colour and make sure the air quality is optimal. A “feng shui-ed” home is one which optimises space and positive energy.

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