How to effortlessly keep your home clean

How to effortlessly keep your home clean

While there are some people who have accepted the fact that they need to clean the house and try to make it a relaxing process, nobody really enjoys cleaning. Especially because it tends to happen more often than not. And that can be incredibly frustrating.

But the sad reality is that you can’t get away with not cleaning. What you can get away with, however, is making it an effortless process by implementing a few practices. Remember, it’s only when you’ve left the house untouched by a broom (or any other cleaning agent) for a week or more, that the mess seems an impossible task to tackle.

The secret is to clean more often in a shorter period of time. And, yes, that is possible.

Adjust as you go

How many of us walk around the house, see a hundred little things out of place but choose to pretend as if we didn’t see anything? We’re all guilty of that. It’s so much easier to pretend not to see yesterday’s gym shoes and socks lying on opposite ends of the lounge and tell ourselves that we’re just going to wear them again later anyway. With that thinking, the entire house is allowed to be in disarray.  

Save yourself the one-time hurricane around the house collecting out-of-place items and complaining the entire clean through. All you need to do in those moments where you pass the lounge is pick up the shoes and take them to your bedroom. You’re on your way there anyway, so you might as well save yourself the trip.

Create a routine of adjusting things as you go from one side of the house to the other. Even if it’s not your mess (kids love using that line, don’t they?). If it’s not yours, pick it up and dump it in the room of whoever’s mess it is. Then they have to deal with it when they get home. But, this way, everything is put back in its rightful place.

Start from the top

When it comes to cleaning, many people rarely think about what they’re doing. They just go through the motions of sweeping, dusting, wiping, spraying and, well, cleaning. There actually is an order to cleaning that will save you time, effort and detergent.

Start from the top and work your way down. By starting with the floors you’re setting yourself up for failure because when you move onto counter and table tops, your floor will be dirty again and you’ll have to redo the floor. So, start from the top with a good old dusting, sweep everything up and then you can wipe down until your heart’s content. One time and you’re done.

All the protective covers

Another way to keep the house clean with next-to-no effort is by buying all protective covers, especially for your couches. Couch covers are life savers and, when you have kids in the house, you can’t be without them.

It’s so much quicker and easier to remove sofa covers, stick them in the wash and put them back on than it is to try and remove a stain from the sofa itself. Also, there won’t be stains on your actual couch anymore if you have a protective couch cover over it. You can find a protective cover for most pieces of furniture and, generally, just a piece of material will do. And, another benefit, it doubles as a decorative element for the house.

Turn little chores into daily routines

If you really want cleaning to get easier, you need to turn the little things into daily routines. This will make it second nature instead of something you have to force yourself to do. Things like making your bed after you wake up in the morning, putting your clothes inside the laundry basket, hanging your towel up after a shower, placing dirty dishes inside the dishwasher (there seems to be a theme with things being left on the side) and rinsing the basin after brushing your teeth. This will reduce the cleaning workload significantly.

And to reduce it even more, get everyone in the house involved. Set up a chart or create a rewards system for the kids. Do whatever you need to do to not be the only person responsible for cleaning the house on a daily basis.

20 minutes a day

There are certain chores that need to be done every single day, unfortunately, but even those don’t need to be dreadful tasks. But, should you follow all of the above, 20-minutes will be all the time you need to do whichever cleaning chores still need to be done. And by allowing yourself a 20-minute limit to clean the house, it won’t be too daunting and you’ll have motivation to get it done quickly. See? It’s practically effortless.

Authored by: mjones

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