How to decorate your garden when renting

How to decorate your garden when renting

When you are renting a flat or house, you do not have much leeway in terms of decoration. You have to be extra creative, even when it comes to your outdoor space and garden. But, that can be done with some simple tips and tricks that allow you to inject your own personality into a rented space.

You could start by looking for unpainted Adirondack chairs for sale and painting them in bright, unique colours to add personality to the yard. By using Adirondack chairs, you will be getting comfort as well as a unique aesthetic. Or you could use your outdoor wall space for a vertical flower and herb garden. Below are some ideas on how to decorate your garden when renting.

What is great about the space?

Even if it is not your own garden, there will be something about the space that you particularly enjoy. This could be a stunning tree in the corner of the yard or a sunny spot that you enjoy sitting in when the weather is just right. Take this small aspect and make it a focal point.

For example, if your kitchen window looks out onto a gorgeous array of flower beds, you could make an effort to clear out the weeds and keep the beds neat and tidy. If you see a comfortable area in the yard that has just the right amount of shade and sun, look for some comfortable outdoor chairs and place them there to maximise the use of space.

Style a small garden

Let’s face it, rented apartments and granny flats often do not come with a large amount of garden space. But you can remedy this by styling the small space to suit your own personal taste and aesthetic, without breaking any of the body corporate and lease rules.

Use garden furniture such as Adirondack chairs painted in bold colours to bring in both comfort and personality. Outdoor furniture is a great way to spruce up a small space. Or you could place potted plants and candles in strategic corners for a dreamy Bohemian look. Be sure to choose items that are suited for use outdoors or you can keep them indoors until they are needed, such as a folding table and chairs for summer parties.

Pick up some pot plants

Having plants in a rented space can be tricky. Once you move, should you uproot them and take them with you or do they become part of the property? And don’t forget that you have to ask for permission before you plant anything or dig into the ground.

The solution to these issues is to invest in some pot plants. This way you can have your own stunning plants and create a gorgeous outdoor space without having to worry about any logistics. For example, you could create a potted herb garden on your patio for those summertime braais, or you could create a gorgeous display of indigenous succulents in brightly coloured pots. Be sure to discuss placement with your landlord first to avoid any conflict.

Don’t be afraid to prune

If the garden is messy and overgrown, you should speak to your landlord and offer to neaten it up. Pruning and trimming overgrown bushes and branches is a sure-fire way to improve a rented space. Ask before you begin, as some plants might need extra work and the help of a garden service.

An overgrown aesthetic might be pretty to some, but if you prefer a neater look it can become overbearing. Be sure that you do not over-trim the plants, as this could damage them and make it difficult for them to grow back properly. Prune all dead leaves and flowers away, leaving only the fresh, living ones to grow and flourish. Use these trimmings as compost for flower beds and vegetable gardens, as this will stop you from wasting valuable resources.

Use your vertical space

Planting vertically not only saves floor space, but it also looks fantastic in a small garden. And it is especially effective if you are renting, because you can dismantle a vertical garden easily. You can also decorate your garden walls with solar fairy lights or hanging lanterns for added atmosphere.

A vertical herb garden is ideal for any budding home chef, and succulents in rustic tins can transform a simple space into a welcoming and cosy one. Be sure that you are allowed to drill into the wall if necessary, and fill in all holes with plaster and sealant when you move. You can accentuate any vertical art you might have by placing cushions on chairs with wide armrests and table decorations in contrasting colours in the seating area.

Going green is great

Renting a house or apartment does not have to mean that your decorating creativity is limited. You simply have to be aware of the rules and ask permission before you start any projects. Keep it simple by looking at what is great about the space and enhancing this, or be more creative and build a vertical edible flower garden for your summer salads. Pot plants and patio furniture are must-haves for a rented space so be sure to buy a few in some bright and exciting colours.

Photo by Derek Bridges

Authored by: mjones

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