How to create an eco-friendly patio space

How to create an eco-friendly patio space

Sprucing up your outdoor space can make a real difference to your house, and it does not have to be a difficult process. You can use simple methods to make a stunning patio space that is also eco-friendly and easy to maintain. Not only will your patio be the talk of the neighbourhood but it will be contributing positively to the environment. You can look for Adirondack chairs for sale to paint to match your colour scheme as well as hang solar fairy lights for an added atmospheric touch.

Look for beautifully hand-crafted Adirondack chairs to complement any colour or theme you will be using. If you would like to be eco-friendly, use wooden furniture or recycled plastic options and be sure to invest in a rain-catchment tank or two. Your patio can look stunning and also be as green as possible, so read on below for some top tips on how to create an eco-friendly patio.

Go green for your railing

All patios need a railing to protect those who are sitting or braaing on it. One way to make the space more environmentally conscious would be to use strong stone planters filled with stunning flowers or succulents as this railing, instead of using a wood or metal one. Or you could look at creepers and drape these over your railing for some rustic charm.

Succulents are ideal for this railing, as they need very little watering and some of them are indigenous to South Africa. You can arrange small clusters of different types of succulents for a unique display. Or you could plant edible flowers and herbs so that you have access to fresh herbs when braaing. Be sure that none of the plants you add to these pots are toxic to pets or children before you go ahead and add them to your patio.

Choose environmentally-friendly furniture

Your patio furniture should be comfortable and attractive, and it should not have a negative impact on the environment. This is why you should opt for wooden furniture or even furniture made from recycled plastic. Neither of these will rust or become damaged by the weather (if they are treated correctly) and they are not manufactured using harmful chemicals.

A wooden, classic Adirondack chair will last for years and will look stunning on your patio. You will need to be sure that you varnish and seal the wood so it does not become weather damaged, and treat it every two years to maintain it. You can paint your patio furniture in bright, funky colours to bring in a sense of excitement and visual interest. Recycled plastic chairs are available in a variety of colours too, ideal for an eclectic aesthetic.

Make use of the rain

Rainwater catchment tanks are perfect for making your garden more eco-friendly. You can incorporate these tanks into your patio, either placing them on either side, hidden by the bushes or as a feature which takes centre stage. You will be able to find stunning options that are decorative or you can DIY-it and make it your own.

By collecting the rainwater, you will be able to easily water your garden and keep your environmental impact low. You could turn your rainwater catchment tank into a pillar for your vertical garden which could be placed at the corner of your patio for easy-reaching. Be sure to install a filter in your tank so that no leaves or other debris can fall in and contaminate the water. Do not use harsh chemicals in the water to keep it clean as you will not be able to use it to water your plants.

Bring in the bees

Bees are vital to the success of the planet in general, and you can encourage them to visit your garden more often. This means that they will pollinate more flowers and plants and improve the environment overall. You can plant flowers in pots on your patio which bees like so that they will be more attracted to your garden or you could plant fruits and vegetables in wooden boxes on your patio to do the same.

If you are allergic to bees, be sure to place the flowers in a place that is not close to where you and your guests will be sitting on your patio. You could invest in some stunning wildflowers and dot them around your garden to provide places for the bees to go and feed on the nectar. Not only will you be helping the environment but you will be creating a stunning garden to look out over when sipping sundowners with friends.

Keep it gorgeously green

Having an eco-friendly patio will ensure that your home and garden is not harming the environment. You can create the perfect outdoor oasis with a few simple tips and tricks such as creating a green railing with a few potted plants filled with gorgeous flowers, looking for sustainable furniture or even planting flowers that will attract bees. Go one step further and use rainwater to water your garden and you will soon find your garden (and the environment) flourishing.

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