How to create a simple seating area in your garden

How to create a simple seating area in your garden

Your garden is your pride and joy. You have spent hours tending to your flowers, and your vegetables are lavished with love and care. You know everything there is to know about the different plants in your garden, but you don’t know how to create the perfect seating area to sit and gaze at them. This can be remedied with some easy advice.

The first thing you will need is a garden bench made from treated wood. This wooden bench should be able to withstand all the elements, as it will be outside for most of the time. Your next step will be to look for decor to enhance the area, such as fairy lights or outdoor cushions. If you want to create a seating area in your garden so you can enjoy the scenery, read on below for some helpful tips and tricks.

Start by defining your seating area

You will need to define your seating area from the rest of your garden. Now, this does not mean that you have to set up a wall between your seating area and the rest of the yard, but that you should create a definite area for sitting in the garden and working in the garden.

You could grow small shrubs around the sitting area or you could use wooden fencing to cordon it off. Be sure to look for wooden benches for sale that will match the fencing you use, so that the area looks and feels cohesive. Once you have defined your sitting area, you will find it much easier to decorate and maintain, as it will not be encroaching on your lawn.

Look for the right flooring

Once you have set up the boundaries and decided on how large the seating area will be, you should move on to looking at flooring options. The flooring options you choose do not have to be permanent, they should simply offer support to any garden benches for sale you might have bought.

You could look at wooden planks for a more rustic aesthetic, but be sure to treat them so they can withstand the outdoors or opt for stone slabs to provide a stable surface for a picnic bench or table. If you want to go the more subtle route, you could use pebbles or fine gravel as your flooring. This way your seating area will look more natural and will blend in with the area.

Don’t be afraid to use nature

You might think that you need to separate the seating area from the garden, but you can use nature to enhance the area. For example, you could string fairy lights in the branches of an overhanging tree branch for stunning lighting for those summer evenings spent in the garden.

You could even use a sturdy tree branch to hang a hammock from so you can truly relax outside. You could arrange potted plants around your garden bench to create a boundary from the garden or you could grow a ground cover in the seating area to differentiate it from the rest of the yard. Be sure that any plants you use in the area are non-toxic and hardy so that they are not easily damaged by your benches and outdoor furniture.

You can make it the focal point

While it might feel whimsical and elegant to have your seating area tucked away into a secluded corner, you can use it to create a focal point in your garden. For example, you can choose brightly coloured outdoor furniture in quirky designs so that it will stand out from the greenery.

For those who prefer a more classical look, you could choose white wrought-iron furniture and pastel painted coffee tables to create a romantic aesthetic. By creating a central visual point in your garden, it will look more pulled together, and you can inject your own personality into it. Top wooden benches with mismatched, brightly patterned cushions for a fun eclectic feel or choose beaten metal furniture and geometric wooden tables for a Moroccan vibe. Opt for patio furniture that is made for withstanding the outdoors.

Fresh salad is only one step away

For a truly unique seating area, you could place your benches and tables next to your vegetable garden. This way, you will be able to lean over to your lettuce, tomatoes and radishes and make a freshly-picked salad whenever the mood takes you. And you will be able to take note of how your vegetables are growing.

Not only will you be able to munch on your own home-grown carrots while you relax in your yard, you can keep birds and other animals at bay. A simple table and bench are perfect for a laid-back setting.

Be sure to place the seating area where it will not damage any of your vegetables, or you could enclose the whole area and make an outdoor conservatory in your garden. Install some solar lights and show off your veg on balmy evenings when friends and family come for sundowners in your new seating and braai area.

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