How To Control Common Insect Pests

How To Control Common Insect Pests

There’s no denying that pest control is a necessity for everyone at some point in their lives, whether it’s a situation involving roaches, termites, or some other sort of creepy crawly bug. But it’s also indisputable that hiring a pest control service can be expensive, and most of us aren’t made of money. Therefore, it can be cheaper sometimes to handle the matter yourself and do your own pest control. But there’s a lot of information out there, so to help you out we’ve put together this quick and basic guide for how to deal with some of the more common pests you might encounter in your home. We hope that you find these do-it-yourself control of common insect pests tips helpful.

Common Insect Pests

How To Deal With Ants

Ants can be a tremendous nuisance, especially in the spring and summer. While ant traps and sprays like Raid can help deal with them in certain circumstances, there are also some do-it-yourself methods that you can try instead. One of these methods involves mixing water, sugar, and borax together and soaking this mixture into cotton balls. Then, you leave these cotton balls in places where the ants will find them (they will be drawn to the sugar in the mixture). The ants will bring the mixture to their nest, and then the whole nest will eventually die as they ingest the toxic mixture. Do be careful when handling this mixture yourself, however; borax can also be poisonous to us humans as well (and even to other animals, so exercise additional caution if you have pets).

How To Deal With Cockroaches

Finally, let’s discuss cockroaches. One of the most persistent pests, they have existed for thousands of years and are notoriously hard to kill. Certain traps and insecticides are capable of dealing with cockroaches if you’re willing to willing to buy them, but there are a few DIY alternatives that you can try as well. One of these methods involves creating a paste with boric acid, sugar, and water (an alternative recipe that is slightly less toxic replaces the boric acid with baking soda). Placing this paste where you’ve spotted cockroaches can be helpful; they will take it back to the roach nest and eat it, and because the paste is toxic to them they will die (as will any young roaches still in the nest).

How To Deal With Spiders

No one likes having a spider infestation in their home; even encountering one or two in your bathroom or kitchen is often enough to send most people scampering away. But there are some tricks you can use to deal with spiders. An easy to make spider deterrent involves a mixture of water and vinegar; this mixture can be sprayed around your home and functions quite well as a safe insecticide and repellent (you can also try a mixture of water and peppermint if vinegar seems unappealing to you). Additionally, it’s important to dust and vacuum your house thoroughly if you have a spider problem; this thorough cleaning process should help to remove any spider eggs that might be lingering around, and will thereby help to prevent a recurring spider problem in the future.


Authored by: Pete Anderson

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