How to clean your kitchen appliances

How to clean your kitchen appliances

Keeping your kitchen clean is vital. It is one of the rooms in your house that you use on a daily basis and is often left in a mess once you are finished whipping up culinary masterpieces. Not only is it hygienic to keep it clean, but it will also make the room look and feel better. But where do you start when it comes to cleaning kitchen appliances?

When you look for your dream kitchen appliances on credit you will need to research how to clean them. For example, a blender with blades will need to be taken apart in order to properly clean it and a kettle should never be submerged in water to keep it sparkling. If you want to keep your kitchen fresh and clean, below are some top tips on how to do just that.

Start with your refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the largest appliances, and it should be the first one that you clean. This is because it is always in contact with food, which can pass germs onto the surfaces and make both you and your fridge unhealthy.

In order to clean your fridge simply and easily, mix equal parts of water and vinegar together (for example, ⅓ of a cup of each) and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray this on the shelves and sides after you have emptied them out and scrub the fridge with a soft dishwashing sponge. If you want to get rid of bad odours, you can pour bicarbonate of soda onto the shelves, spray it with the water and vinegar mixture and then scrub it. Leave a halved lemon in a bowl in the fridge overnight to make it smell fresh.

Blitz blender stains

Anything that you use regularly needs to be washed properly for continued use. A blender, unlike a mink blanket, should always be hand washed in separate pieces in order to keep it clean, unstained and smelling pleasant.

Start by taking off all removable parts and soaking them in dishwashing liquid and warm water. Use a dishwashing sponge to remove caked-on particles, and then use a dry, clean cloth to dry all pieces before placing them on a dish rack to air properly. This will ensure that it is sparkling clean for your next fruit smoothie or green juice.

Make that microwave shine

You might think that electronic devices such as those on laptop and cell phone deals do not need to be cleaned, but you could be wrong. While a microwave is electronic, it can (and should) still be cleaned on a regular basis.

Many of us are not sure how to clean a microwave but the process is actually relatively easy. Start by filling a microwaveable bowl with tepid water and place it in the middle of the microwave. Heat it uncovered until the water begins to boil, then stop the microwave. The caked on food should now be easy to wipe off. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice to the water so the appliance does not have an unpleasant odour.

Sparkling stovetop and oven

If you are an enthusiastic home chef, there is a huge likelihood that your stovetop and oven are…less than spotless. But this is an easy fix if you have some scrubbing brushes, bicarbonate of soda and a little elbow grease.

Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spread some bicarbonate of soda onto the most dirt-encrusted areas, spray it with the mixture and then get scrubbing. You can wait for five to ten minutes for the mixture to do its work and then clean it off. Do the same for your stovetop and it will soon be sparkling and fresh as a daisy. If your oven has an unpleasant aroma, use lemon juice in the mixture or some dishwashing liquid with a minty scent.

Freshen up the daily grind

A coffeemaker is one of the most essential appliances you own. It helps to wake you up in the morning and keeps you going in the afternoon, but you do need to clean it every day or every second day to maintain its good working order.

Start by removing the filter and carafe, and washing them in warm soapy water. Be sure not to use a sponge with an abrasive surface to avoid scratching the glass of the carafe. Pour a cup of water and vinegar into the area where the water is held and start a brewing cycle. When the cycle is halfway through, stop the mixture from brewing and let it sit for an hour then restart it. Pour this out once the cycle is done and run a cycle of plain water through until no vinegar residue is left.

Fresh and fabulous

Having a fresh, clean kitchen is important to everyone’s health. You can achieve this by cleaning your appliances regularly using a water and vinegar combination or eco-friendly detergents and cleaning liquids. Once you are done with cleaning your kitchen, you can snuggle up under those cosy mink blankets for sale you spotted and relax with a cup of tea. Remember to dry off any small appliances and ensure there is no vinegar residue left before use and your kitchen will soon be as fresh and clean as a whistle.

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