How to choose the best lighting for every room

How to choose the best lighting for every room

Lighting is an important factor in every home. Poor lighting can have long-term effects on our eyesight. Also, it doesn’t do your beautiful home justice to have poor lighting that doesn’t accent its decorative features.

When it comes to lighting in the home, it’s not as simple as choosing one type of lighting and applying it everywhere. There are different types of lighting that will complement the function of the room the lights are in. Most rooms will include a combination of the three different types of lighting mention below:

  • Ambient: Ambient lighting is the lights that allow you to see clearly whenever the sunlight is not streaming in through your windows. They are the bulk of lighting fixtures in your house and every room should have these types of lights. These are your general recessed and wall-mounted lighting fixtures.   
  • Task: The lights you use to focus on completing a task are your task lights (naturally). These are usually brighter LED lights that provide sufficient light for whatever activity you need to do at night or on a gloomy day.  
  • Accent: These lights are your decorative accents that are practical in function and as décor. It’s popular to have dimmable accent lights to be able to create the desired atmosphere in a given room.  

With that in mind, it’s time to take a tour of the house and find out which will be the best and necessary lighting sources for each room. Once you know what you need, you’ll be able to confidently browse lighting stores in South Africa for the perfect fixtures.

Living room

The living room is where you entertain guests and relax after a long day at work. It’s where you drink your cup of coffee in the morning, watch TV and read your book in the evening. A variety of activities take place in this room, therefore, it needs efficient lighting fixtures.

Recessed lighting is popular for living room areas and are usually installed with a dimmable feature to create a “mood” in the room depending on the event. And, considering that the living room is a social area, you would need to think about installing a decorative lighting feature as well. This could be a chandelier in the centre of the room’s ceiling or a functional (and decorative) floor lamp. Those could prove useful when someone wants to read a book while the others watch a movie and the main ambient lights have been turned off.

Dining room

Your dining room is another high-use room and space for entertainment. It’s always good to be able to see what you’re eating but there is also a need for mood-setting on dinner date nights from a decorative aspect.

It has become popular to match grand mirrors on the dining room walls with chandeliers hanging above the dining table. Now, there are a few tips for hanging a chandelier above a dining table. You need to leave enough space between the chandelier and the table for comfortable movement (in the form of general dining activities) to take place.

It is also recommended to choose your chandelier according to the type of table you have. Round tables would be best suited with a round, longer-hanging chandelier and rectangle tables would be complemented the most by an elongated lighting fixture that runs parallel to it. But ambient lighting will still be needed in the dining room as well.


Your kitchen is probably the room that requires the brightest ambient and task lights to help the chef see what they’re doing and prevent them from chopping off something other than a vegetable.

It’s also popular to have pendant lights, which you can find in most lighting stores. These are used to enhance the light and provide décor to the kitchen island. And if your main work area is on the countertops below the cabinets, you can have recessed lighting installed underneath your cabinets too.


The bathroom is the last “public” room of your house and is one that, like the kitchen, requires bright ambient lights. Recessed lighting or a bright single light will do the trick but make sure you have task lights around the mirror to provide a clear view for whoever is checking themselves out.


Dimmed ambient lighting for the bedroom is ideal, but one main overhead fixture with smaller light sources on nightstands. You can buy lamps online that act as accent lighting features and a gentler wake up call than from a switch on of the main light or open curtains.

Your bedroom is a personal space so the lighting in there can be according to your preferences and the type of tasks you do here. For example, most people have a study section in their rooms with a desk for work and admin purposes. In this case, you would also need a desk lamp for overtime hours.  

Now that you know what you need, start browsing online lighting stores and making sure your home is, as they say, “lit”.

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Authored by: mjones

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