How to decorate your spare room for your holiday guests

How to decorate your spare room for your holiday guests

Having guests over during the festive or school holiday seasons can be somewhat overwhelming. From entertaining guests to ensuring their bedrooms are welcoming and clean, there are many things to plan and do before your guests arrive for their holiday. Most people hardly use their spare bedrooms (or use them as storage opportunities in the house) until moments like these. And you often forget the state of it until the day you need to prepare it.

This is when the scramble comes in. You’re scrambling to find appropriate bedding, towels and decor that can make the bedroom look appealing and welcoming to your guests. After all, the condition you leave your guest bedrooms in is a reflection on you as the host and your living standards. So, it’s best to go the extra mile to make the environment look comfortable and visually appealing so that your guests will want to return to your home.

Here are a few tips and ways to spruce up your guest bedroom.

Equip your bedroom with enough pillows

This does not mean scatter cushions. As much as scatter cushions are important when looking to add some decor to your guest’s bed, you need to offer your guests a variety of different pillows to suit their needs. You don’t expect your guests to travel with their own pillows from home, therefore you should offer a few types for them to choose from. Some people enjoy sleeping on a firm and thick pillow while others enjoy sleeping on a pillow which is soft and thin. As you know, the type of pillow you sleep with can have a major impact on your sleeping conditions, so offer your guests a variety to choose from. This will ensure you’re hospitable and trying to provide them with the most comfortable stay.

Consider a comforter or a duvet cover

Much like the pillow discussion above, the ideal option would be to add both options to your guest bedroom for your guests to choose from. In the winter, a duvet is often the preferred choice. And in the summer, a comforter is better because it’s a lighter material. But you don’t know what your guests like, especially if it’s the first time they’re visiting your home. So, keep both options available to them to ensure they sleep comfortably. You can find many comforters for sale online or even blankets available for sale in South Africa leading up to the festive season. At this time of year, there are many online sales which are affordable enough for you to equip yourself with both types of blankets.

Add some books or magazines to the side table

Often times, guests choose to take an afternoon nap or visit their bedroom to rest their feet after a long day. If this is the case, make sure that you are prepared for them to relax. For instance, try to stock their side tables with a few up-to-date magazines or books that might interest them. Always be over prepared rather than underprepared.

Supply the basic toiletries

It’s a given that guests will (and should) bring their own toiletries along with them, but sometimes you forget the most important items… like your toothbrush. To avoid your guests having to stress about toiletry items, try and add the basics to your guest bathrooms such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Whether your guests use these or not, make sure that they are visible in the bathroom when they walk in. It’s small things like these that add that special touch to your guest’s stay.  

Focus on the detail in their room

Depending on the duration of your guest’s stay, you might want to incorporate subtle elements into their room to help your guests feel at home or more comfortable. For instance, your guest might be on holiday but still need to attend to work from time to time. If this is the case, make sure that you add some sort of seating to their bedroom so that they can comfortably work in peace. Whether that is a desk or a couch, this will be incredibly helpful to them. Add a coffee table close by with coasters for them to put their coffee mug down. Even if your guests don’t need to work but want to kick back in their own company, they will be able to relax on the couch or in their bedroom without feeling uncomfortable.

Offer freshly washed or new towels

Towelling and bedding are two important elements that guests look at when visiting. They want to feel clean and comfortable when using your towels to dry themselves, as well as sleep in freshly washed bed linen. Something as small as dirty linen or towels can make your guests feel uncomfortable, so make sure that you supply them with clean essentials. If you’ve purchased comforters for sale in South Africa, wash them before use.

Don’t forget flowers or a welcome note

Adding a bouquet of flowers or a welcome note with a chocolate to your guest’s bedroom will put them at ease from the moment they step foot into their bedroom. These unique touches always make people feel special and welcome in your home, so try to add a touch of personality to your guest’s bedroom if you can.

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