How to make cardio fun

How to make cardio fun

Not everyone enjoys a cardio workout. In fact, some people see it as a chore, but it does not have to be. You can make it fun and exciting with a few simple tweaks and additions. And your cardio does not only have to consist of running or jogging.

If you are on the lookout for a new cardio workout, why not start by searching an online bicycle store for an off-road bike for the ultimate cardio exercise? Or, you could include some of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) machines in your cardio regime. Below are some top tips on how to make cardio fun.

Create a killer playlist

When you hear your favourite song come onto the radio, no matter where you are, you want to get up and dance, right? Well, if you apply this same logic to creating a gym playlist, you will soon find yourself looking forward to your cardio workout.

Be sure that the songs you choose are inspirational and fun, and that you won’t be distracted during your workout by having to stop and switch songs. A good playlist can be used anywhere, not just in the gym. If you are a bike fan, visit an online bicycle store to find a helmet that will allow you to use headphones while riding.

Hit up the HIIT circuit

Running on a treadmill can become boring after a certain amount of time. If the thought of this machine makes you want to avoid going to the gym altogether, you should look into including some HIIT exercises or machine workouts in your routine.

HIIT exercises offer stress-releasing and sweat-inducing workouts that will make you feel great afterwards (and are a lot more exciting than that treadmill). Look for simple classes if you are a beginner or ask a trainer in your gym for some tips on which machines to use to best suit your needs. HIIT workouts can be fun, especially when done with a friend. So, call up your gym buddy and spice up your routine with some new exercises.

Go for a bike ride

Cardio does not only have to take place in a gym. You can head into the great outdoors and go for a bike ride to get in a solid cardio workout. The fresh air and gorgeous scenery will improve your mood and inspire you to enjoy the exercise even more.

Look for an online bicycle store that sells bike parts in South Africa so that you have spares should you need them, and set up a route that is varied and not simply set across a flat road. Include some hills and dirt roads to challenge yourself, but be sure to have an alternate route should your regular one be closed or the weather is too bad to use it.

Buddy up

One way to make your cardio a more fun and enjoyable experience is to call up a friend or your partner and convince them to go with you. Having a gym buddy will make any workout fun and they will also be able to hold you accountable when you decide to skip a workout or a class.

Find someone who is on the same wavelength as you when it comes to working out as this will ensure that you never argue about what exercise to do next. Taking part in cardio classes is also more enjoyable when you are not alone and feeling awkward while trying to keep up with the rest of the class.

Sign up for a class

Getting tired of doing the same old workout at the gym? Then why not sign up for a class. You could look for a fun and exciting Zumba class, test your mettle with an intense spinning class or take part in a boot camp to shape your summer body.

Be sure that whatever you sign up for is something that you will attend for at least four to five sessions, instead of giving up after just one. Classes make cardio fun by making it social, but also by challenging your limits and pushing you to go beyond them. If you feel that you workout better on your own, ask a personal trainer for a few one-on-one sessions to give you tips and pointers to improve your workout.

Never say never

You might hate cardio, but that does not mean you shouldn’t do it. You can spice up your routine by looking at an online bicycle store for an outdoor bike or you can sign up for an exciting class to change up your gym time. Add in some HIIT exercises to challenge your limits and find a gym buddy who will keep you accountable. Remember to ensure that you do not overdo your cardio exercise and have rest days in between to pace yourself and allow your body to rest.

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