How to keep yourself stress-free in the workplace

How to keep yourself stress-free in the workplace

Stress and work are, unfortunately, two peas in a pod and a daily occurrence for some people. With deadlines, managers, uncooperative employees, difficult clients and demanding hours, it’s honestly no surprise that work is the cause of most people’s stress.

And while there are always things you can do before and after work to alleviate the day’s stress and reduce the potential for work to stress you out during the day, sometimes we need an instant solution to our stress problem as it happens in the workplace. And even if you think you aren’t feeling stressed yet, do these things anyway to keep it under control and maintain your focus throughout the workday.

Desk yoga

If yoga is your go-to class at the gym but you never make it in time because you’re always working late, then all you need to do is some desk yoga. Yes, your colleagues may look at you funnily in the beginning but by day two they’ll be asking to join you.

Start by rolling out your neck, shoulders, wrists and ankles (as one would during a long flight). Then you can do seated cat-cow, backbend, twists and pigeon stretches, and end off with a forward bend over your lap. All you need is about five minutes (if that) and some space to relax. This is a great way to start your workday but will be useful in any instance you feel overwhelmed.  

Essential oils

Essential oils have been known to provide a sense of calm and quiet and many people make use of them as a daily supplement or in diffusers in their homes. If your company allows it and your close desk-neighbours don’t mind it, you should make use of them at work as well. You could even have the company implement diffusers all around the office for everyone to benefit.

There are a few popular essential oils that can work perfectly in an office environment. These include lavender, clove, rosemary and lemongrass. But a new trend that’s happening around the world is adding CBD oil to those essential oils and diffusing them together. CBD oil in London is easy to find as well as to buy CBD in the UK in general.

Together, CBD oil enhances the essential oil and improves the aromatherapy effects. CBD oil is safe to use and its supplementary benefits are better experienced when orally consumed. So, if the diffuser in the office doesn’t work out, at least you’ll still have your CBD oil to reduce your stress.  

Take a breath

We’ve all been told to take deep breaths when we’re upset, stressed or angry. And it really can work. You’ve heard it before but here it is again: close your eyes, take a deep breath in for five seconds, hold it for five and let it out for five seconds. Repeat as is needed and clear your mind so that you can focus again on the task at hand.

Write it all down

Right after you’ve taken your calming breaths, grab a pen and a piece of paper or open a new document on your computer and start writing everything down. Everything that’s going through your mind in that moment of things you need and want to do and can’t forget about – put down on paper.

This way, you have no reason to dwell on the thoughts in your head (lest you forget them) and you can get back to focusing on work. It also helps to create a to-do list for the day and work through the list so that you stay on top of everything that’s urgent and needs to be done. This way, you can manage your stress on a per-project basis as opposed to an absolutely-everything-at-one-time basis.

Have a “friend from work”

Another way to stay stress-free in the workplace is to have that “friend from work” that everyone talks about. Someone who you can semi-professionally vent to without being told off. Preferably someone who works in the same department as you and can share your frustrations which can then be worked through together.

Also, it’s comforting to know that you aren’t the only one who gets stressed out all the time. And they can even become your desk-yoga work-buddy. It helps to have the option of talking to someone who understands where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, our significant others at home won’t always be able to relate and all you need is someone to joke and rant with about the situation you both find yourselves in.

Tune out all distractions

As fun as it is to take part in office conversations and entertainment, when there’s a deadline to be met, you should be focusing solely on that. In those situations, the best thing to do is tune out all distractions and have a power-hour of nonstop working.

Switch your phone off (or at least to silent), mute all your internal communications conversations and put your headphones in. Staying productive will ease your stress because you’ll actually be getting the necessary jobs done and have nothing left to stress over.

These may seem like small things but will make all the difference in keeping stress-free in the workplace.

Authored by: mjones

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